The Txitxarreria celebrates its 25 anniversary with surprises for customers

Era 1992, year of the Expo in Seville and Barcelona Olympics, and Manuel Díaz José had a dream: bring the plateau the air of Basque cider houses, with a predominance of the grill, but without forgetting the rich dishes of the season and the products made from Iberian pigs. That dream gave rise to […]


The hostesses for events, responsible for getting a good first impression

How can we get the most out of participation in an event? Definitely, making the experience memorable for the visitor. And one of the aspects which will make it possible to achieve this objective is, At the same time, You must set the first impression: the caregivers to the public. The work […]

floor to reform

The reform of a flat in Spain increases its value... According to the city

The real estate market gives signs of recovery, the prices of rentals and the purchase of second-hand housing increase due to the pressure of demand and the shortage of supply. We talked about a few days about the advantages and disadvantages of renting a furnished or empty floor ago. And to sell, best […]

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Our services

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Caralin Group is an organization of professionals 'senior', with a minimum of two decades of experience in comprehensive service companies. Our motto is quality, efficiency and speed when it comes to meet any need that the customer has, or take an interest in his initiative.


Motto We want to be your company al We get what you need It has been a decade. A time fraught with challenges we have managed to turn into successes for our clients; to which we have provided access to a solution or helped rely on trust to achieve.

Auxiliary services

Confidence in our 'know-how’ characteristic, which transmits daily nearly one hundred companies, It impels us to continue growing, day to day, in the already wide range of services to you. And in a personalized way: if we will not add value we prefer resign.

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What characterizes us?

Mutual benefit

We create relationships that add value, not to strangle some to favor others. Only then fidelity is achieved: of the service provider and the recipient.

Cobertura global

We select companies products / services different, value added. We are aware of the need to improve costs, but without losing sight of quality.

Personal attention

If anything distinguishes us is the knowledge involved from start to finish in each operation: we are always there, for giving customers real added value.

Ethics and involvement

We work with and for organizations like us to respect social rules, have fiscal transparency and care for the people who make up its workforce.

I want…

Meet the team that forms Group Caralin

...or see our track record over the years


Our Customers

What would highlight Caralin Group is that we we have a versatile company, capable of adapting to all. One of its strengths is the interesting range of services and solutions that offer, that makes each need a solution. They are truly unique in its offer.

I would also stress the rapidity of response in all its activities, It differentiates them from competitors and market.

J.C. Dtor. Opticalia General

Group of Caralin mainly highlighted the diversity of the portfolio of products and services, proven quality, they can offer. Secured resolve any need, and will prevent waste time searching on your own solutions in sectors like not know, and that they can effectively provide you.

J.R.B. Retail & Cash Handling en Gunnebo España

Collaborate with Caralin Group in recent years has been a real pleasure, because, wide range of services the company provides, professionalism and efficiency are unbeatable; and the treatment of the customer, which is always exceptional and very close.

I.L. DSQ Lawyers

Whether to emphasize a difference value representing Caralin Group is the personalization of services. When the components of a service company are committed people, close, you hear and know what you want, you're facing a company with an extraordinary quality of service.

This is the case of Caralin: an efficient company that listens to you.

J.M.C.G. Presidente de Agio Global

Its technical staff for its professionalism, for his human qualities, his attitude and aptitude, and knowledge of each area help improve work. Its team of administrative operations and has an efficiency: inquiries, opinion, budget, or extension service will solve it at the moment.

And what about your address? Always aware of the customer and their needs are resolved, wherever you are, and regardless nor the means, schedule or time. I think Groucho Marx must look at Caralin Group when he said that of "The response itself. What was the question?”. I recommend everyone Caralin.

cps group
A.C. Facility manager of Corporate Integrated Resource CPS

Caralin Group is an example of a job well done… That's the best definition I can give. A company committed to the services provided, with personalized service to its customers and the environment. These aspects are what really make it different, They have allowed it to grow in difficult times and get you back to it whenever you need a good attention.

M.P.S. Associate Director of Operations Isdefe

I recommend a few companies are interested to do business with Caralin Group. For many reasons, but mainly, transparency in relations, personal and commercial; seriousness in compliance with such resolutions are carried out; the responsibility of each and every one of the members of its management team and its employees; punctuality and speed running the agreements signed; and countless more values.

Caralin Group is a model company in the business structure of Spain.

J.M. Oil Castellana Manager

Caralin Group's concern for the customer. Como detective, in matters in which we have collaborated, I saw a real interest, from the human point of view, on the problems exposed us. They are involved and seek solutions, providing integrity and responsibility through the seriousness and commitment. Caral se resume en la
word 'Trust'.

Fox detective
G.R. Director general de Fox Detectives

Caralin Group has a team of highly dedicated professionals, with extensive knowledge and service vocation. Anything that you need you must call: if you do not have your claim seek with agility and speed. As I have seen virtually move 24 hours of the day; for them there holidays. And in terms of prices they are quite competitive.

C.E.T. Bankinter Wealth Advisor

Caralin Group has been and is a benchmark for us. As a supplier company and as an example to follow. Its effectiveness in service, perseverance in the attention and willingness to always go beyond our needs, they are in our minds that when search and order any service or product.

If as a manager or entrepreneur pursue your suppliers are safe efficient and reliable, Caralin Group's your choice.

C.D. Director of CommSense y GrupoPsiCo

I want to congratulate Caralin Group on its anniversary, and encourage him to continue along the same path it has had since its founding: always being close to their customers and providing things with honesty and seriousness.

E.G.P. Deputy Director General of EULEN

Caralin Group is a company that has always met my expectations in terms of commitment, quality and effectiveness.

They are a reliable and close partner that I trust when it comes to achieving my goals, while adhering to my needs, without forgetting that they are absolutely competitive.

L.M.M. Orange



'The Bible of a socially responsible company', Andy #frentealespejo

No one be offended if I take rendered the famous 10 commandments of the Catholic religion, and to paraphrase them with respect, I glossopharyngeal other so many principles that you must pick up, in my opinion, a good code of ethics and conduct; the "Bible" of a socially responsible company.


«Market regulated or market free, What sounds better?», Javier Delgado #frentealespejo

Consumers are free to choose the rates that we prefer to accept light, gas, phone… But, How to get pay less, risk-free, be up on the environment? No catch, or carton; just common sense: I explain it to you.

renovated apartment

What is the best, rent an apartment furnished or empty?

Invest in housing back in fashion, being the option that offers higher returns now. But among the various considerations, There is one that is not usually explain in agencies: is it better to spend money on furnishing the home, pull used furniture or offer it empty?

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What you'll find in Caralin Group?

A number of advantages that put us a step above:

  • We care about the quality of service, and that this client comfortable outsource that particular task.
  • We deal directly with the top management of client companies: eliminate bureaucracy and communication is more fluid.
  • We provide transparency, payment for services does the vendor, not the client. And if a cheaper service is achieved for a client, It is negotiating with the supplier to collect the applied margin and no customer rise.
  • We care for our workers, in each of the areas, to prevent rotation and the consequent loss of quality.
  • We do not seek profit at the expense of the supplier, trying to get an impossible price-which detract quality service-, but the benefit is mutual.
  • Apply and demand fidelity, both customers and suppliers. Looking for mutual trust, solidarity between brands and profitability between.

Our clients

breathe energy-iae
EDP - del - este
carlos amberes Foundation
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parkingdoor - logo
Hospital severo ochoa
Club-Golf - the - blacksmith
Alama Systems
Fox detective
the txitxarreria
Palacio-San - martin
cps group
cemtro clinic

Corporate social responsibility

Caritas support in collecting food for the underprivileged. Only at Christmas 2012 we gathering near 3.500 kilos.
We raise funds for the Spanish Association of Stickler by campaign "#MuyBienMuchachitos". It is investigating a disease that in Spain around 8.000 people.
We collaborate with the Sandra Ibarra Foundation fundraiser a solidarity calendar. Its objective is the fight against cancer, with women as protagonists.