Outsourcing work tasks grew 3,8% in 2017

The optimistic economic climate and the increasing offshoring of jobs by companies and the public sector have enabled an upturn in demand for ancillary services to businesses in recent years, según refleja un estudio elaborado por el Observatorio Sectorial DBK de INFORMA, según el cual el outsourcing o externalización de tareas laborales alcanzó […]


New service ElParking: Unreserved parks

ElParking, the application of public parking most advanced market, available to pay easily from mobile phone controlled parking rate in more than 75 cities and to reserve a parking place in more than 380 parkings, offers new: Unreserved parks.


Company Institute Awards and the MAPFRE Foundation Social Innovation

From the Instituto de Empresa and Fundación MAPFRE 1st edition of the Social Innovation Awards are launched. This initiative is intended to support innovative solutions with great potential for social impact.


divisional: equivalent ESO / degree FP I

Dalyma training leads since 2014 to provide customers with plans tailored to their needs, whether general or specific. But besides its enormous work with businesses, esta joven compañía leonesa de formación preconiza la instrucción como base socio-laboral para la integración de colectivos desfavorecidos. Because, ofrece como novedad –y como una […]


"Either we protect our data, or assume the consequences ", Alberto Bravo #frentealespejo

Have you ever wondered how much data about yourself that swarm over the network? First name, age, sex, address, credit card numbers, ailments and diseases, I think… Today we live and hyperlinked, recorded in an application or web, We got our pictures to a social network or share our location; something […]


Our summary of the week, NO-DO del 7 al 13 April 2018

This week, NO-DO in our special, we had the participation of several brands that also accompany us on our platform, as Gomel, Vettonia Security or CEMTRO Clinic. These are the latest developments.


Clinic patients CEMTRO highlight the attention and professionalism of its staff

The global report issued by Quod Solutio, Results 2017, It highlights the high level of patient satisfaction Clinical CEMTRO. Care and professionalism of the staff are top-rated issues by respondents, that among the areas analyzed are rated outstandingly services Hospitalization and Operating Room.


Vettonia Security participates in the 'Route of the Murals’ Talavera

Since 2015 the city of Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) It has launched the project 'Path of Murals', an initiative aimed at promoting ceramics, the hallmark of the city. This route involves making eight murals that will be installed in as many locations […]

gomel recording studios

Gomel: the best facilities for advertising sessions

Need your communication project recording studios for a photo shoot or filming a spot? If you want the best, you can rent the extensive facilities of Gomel, fully equipped with the latest technical for your audiovisual and photographic production requirements comfortably and professionally.

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