This is the new antipollution Madrid Protocol, explained by ElParking

In recent days, Madrid has exceeded the levels of air pollution from its active council popularly referred to as protocol antipollution, actually, Action Plan for Pollution Episodes. As we explained from ElParking, it includes different measures, from limiting the running speed or parking in areas regulated, […]


"Permanent Crisis, continuous reinvention ', Miguel Angel Valero I #frentealespejo

I started in journalism in this April 1985. Already then, at the Faculty of Information Sciences and the media themselves, there was talk of crises; that came from the universities more journalists than there were jobs, among other arguments. The soothsayers told us that the nascent Internet would end […]


Our summary of the week, NO-DO del 8 al 14 from December to 2018

During this week, technology has starred in many of the news that has emerged in our platform. It is in the section #frentealespejo, signed by Angel Zorita, talking about digital photography. And in biomechanical studies for the rehabilitation of Ibermutuamur or reducing the carbon footprint of the Real […]


Vettonia provides the keys to choose a security company with guarantees

Since the specialist security group Vettonia say it is normal that we raise doubts when we hire a service of this type. It is something we can not avoid, considering that it is giving the responsibility of monitoring our business or home to a completely unknown people. For that reason, They show us […]


Caralin Group Receives New Year 2019

For these dates, for no less than 11 years, from Caralin Group we address all our customers and partners, to our friends, to wish the best for next year and to congratulate them for their achievements. Because both interest us and delude alike.

carbon footprint

The Real Club de Golf La Herrería measures its carbon footprint

Within its ongoing commitment to reducing gas “greenhouse effect”, Real Club de Golf La Herrería records its carbon footprint. In the spirit of this, one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, He is to remain a pioneer began with the calculation since 2014…- in actions to support […]

biomechanical evaluation

Ibermutuamur exposes its 13 years of experience in biomechanics laboratory assessment

During a conference organized by the Iberian Society of Biomechanics in Rehabilitation, one Alcoitão (Portugal), the head of the Department of Biomechanics of Ibermutuamur, Miguel Angel Lorenzo, He detailed the progress in biomechanical evaluation, facing a collaboration with Spanish and Portuguese entities.


"This world “digital” which we live ", Angel Zorita #frentealespejo

Who dares assert that run hard times for photography and video, in a society that not produce audiovisual content? I myself. Now we must explain the reasons that lead me to be convinced such apparent contradiction. Because all is not lost… Let's be optimistic!


Our summary of the week, NO-DO del 1 al 7 from December to 2018

We began last month 2018 and today our platform continues to provide us with many new features, as we have brought ElParking, with its analysis of the electric car; L'Oreal, that puts the focus on private labels; Mercury TFS, today talking about rules; or Sealco Motor, and the announcement of […]

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