"The seller is a unique profession", Juan Carlos Maté #frentealespejo

Have you noticed that now blogs entries that tell you that you do not need to sell take to… to sell? What often you read reviews and listen to vendors who try to deny that they are sellers?


Our summary of the week, NO-DO del 9 al 15 February 2019

This week could not fault a story related to Valentine, What the draft and Joy Than Good Day has been responsible for bringing her. further, We discovered many new features, as the new collection featuring Gastón y Daniela Pozuelo, Clinical advances Cemtro against osteoarthritis by a research team […]

The new World

The best of the collection 'New World', Gaston and Daniela Pozuelo

The source of inspiration for the new collection World, which can be enjoyed in the study Gaston and Daniela Pozuelo, It is composed of exotic animals, lush flowers, strange and beautiful wild lands discovered by Spain in the late fifteenth century…


Sandblasting Pressure, cleaning assured

The use of sandblasting pressure is essential for jobs that require cleaning surfaces, both metal and wood or other elements. In Pickling Castilla ensure it ideal for restoration of facades and rehabilitation of buildings. And also for pickling and / or removal of old paint […]

Valentine's Day

This Valentine, What joy Good Day assures you the success

Valentine approaches, the date on which year after year we reenamoramos. With the smells of fresh flowers, these personalized gifts designed for that special person with whom one / or want to have a different detail to thank you for being at his side, and accompany him year after year.


One step closer to cure osteoarthritis

A team of Spanish researchers, led by Professor Juan Carlos Izpisúa, It has implemented a system to delay osteoarthritis. It is based on the epigenetic modulation to increase protein expression DNA methyltransferase 3b in cartilage cells. A project that involved Cemtro Clinic, Dr Foundation. Pedro Guillen and […]


"In business should stand, husmear.. and follow the wind ", José María Neira I #frentealespejo

Astrophysicist Fred Hoyle coined a famous comparison: "The possibility that life arose on Earth is similar to a hurricane would spin wildly on a junkyard had the luck to assemble a Boeing 747 '.


Our summary of the week, NO-DO del 2 al 8 February 2019

This week health becomes the main topic of the news that have passed through our platform. With Luda Farma, starring our section Project Account Your Account, and Clinical Beydent, whose leaders give us their recommendations for good dental health. Also we reveal trends in digital business in Spain, […]

oral health

Beydent clinic reveals 5 misconceptions about oral health

Clinic in Beydent want to help you look your best smile. Why worry that, Having access to information anytime -eye, which is a good thing as long as the source of what is found leído-, make running on the network all kinds of myths and falsehoods, creating false […]

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