"30 different things in three decades, better than one for 30 years", Fernando López I #frentealespejo

So I've done in my life, and I think now the times give me reason. When I started working, normal was to find a job and retire after 30 years of peace and tranquility work. It was even relatively easy to enter the labor market. You only had to wait a while and gradually you consolidabas for life.

As that sentence said: "If after 35 I still years assembling cars doing the same, What the hell I went on Renfe?».

Nowadays, It is changing from working assiduously. Misfortune is not done motu Proprio or taste, but because of the insecurity that exists in employment, and because of the well-known “Garbage contracts”.

But let's try to see this as something positive. In my case, I started working with 17 years, making “witnessed seizures” in the morning to pay me COU. My next job was commercial, selling Bibles, by which learned about all the tricks that developers were given to deceive, and motivate us to go out and sell the unsellable.

I got my first job, say seriously, in a press agency. By then, I did not know what was, but I remember I made a promise to my mother: "It is true that start at the bottom in one of the smaller agencies in Spain, but I promise that someday I will be director of the largest ".

"I promised my mother that someday lead the largest news agency in this country"

My words proved only one thing: ambition, learn to win and fight.

I began seller reports, while he kept studying. And a year and a half and was head of sales agency. During the “Found” I ended up majoring in journalism, and around I went to another agency. In the unfortunate fire at the nightclub Alcalá 20, occurred 17 from December to 1983, I premiered as a photographer and editor. And so I learned to create, to photograph, write and sell a newspaper report human interest.

In 1984, he was a partner from another agency. And world-weary heart, in 1991 I decided to completely change career path. I knew nothing about computer, but I saw that there would shots coming years. And I created, with a partner, la firma Software Support. I trained in operating systems such as Unix, Oracle… and I had a thriving business until 1994. The crisis occurred in 1993, and having the state as main customer, He made us disappear. Not before world tour, computerizing the Spanish embassies in the middle planet.

That setback did not discourage me. He had to follow. Some years he had been at the top of a ‘bussines game in which we participated students from different business schools where he had completed my MBA. I called to participate in discussions and talks first, and soon after I taught in the 'masters’ in Financial Management and Marketing. I discovered how much I liked to teach. Participate in the program 'Entrepreneurs 2000’ Community of Madrid, I am having gone through my tutorials countless business projects, some of which still are ongoing.

And come the year 2000 I was offered a position in commercial EFE. Was back to my origins except that this time “the biggest”, as I had promised my mother and I accepted, I am thinking that there would not be beyond five years, given my little tendency to settle down.

As well, in 2009 I was put in front of the Commercial Division. He'd gotten one thing at least: meet the given word in my house for a quarter century.

As sales manager I had to endure the great crisis. And nothing less than the media, where conjunctural across the country got together with the structural sector itself: computer platforms, citizen journalism and many more aggravating factors, needless to mention this time.

"In the crisis of the media the conjunctural he joined the structural"

But it was a challenge: It had to keep afloat a semi-public company, when the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales -the successor to the INI- had announced that it would close those that were not profitable. We agreed on a stability plan for the period 2009-2014, and we started the rush of reforms thinking how to deal with this recession that seemed to have no end.

The change of government in 2011 He took with him, at the same time, a change in the presidency and in the management of the company, and the appointment “finger” a person who had never worked in the press, and did away with all the plans and the work already done during those years. So in the year 2012 I presented my resignation, and I left the company voluntarily.

summarizing: I do not regret anything, and today I'm thinking of creating, in formarme and developing. Because I think the experience is a plus, and you earn the more you can raise reach goals.

Fernando Lopez is vice president of the Journalistic Peña Primera Plana, and as such, of Orange and Lemon Awards, They are serving their XLVI edition.