"Being independent lawyer and not die trying ', Sea Lesmes #frentealespejo

Now that I have headlined this rostrum opinion, I ponder how to argue the issue with less than 500 words. Anyway, let's try.

Like many other people, it also affected me the great economic crisis. Taking advantage of my dream had always been to have my own professional office-not know why; I have always been wrong with my bosses, but there was the need for livelihood-, introduced me to the Aventura.

Eye, Despite a hostile environment, He is leaving a string of corpses professionals in my guild. It is necessary to take into account that, in the Community of Madrid, pick up a stone and appear over 100.000 lawyers. Clearly, the winds were nothing favorable, but I had to steel myself.

"The winds were nothing favorable: I had to steel myself to have my own professional office "

In crisis, I did not enjoy days off, or holiday, and he worked an average of 14 Daily hours. He had to analyze the fierce competition and discover what could differentiate from other legal advisers and offices with their armies of lawyers.

¡Eureka! I found it. This mixed with a good dose of patience ingredient, tenacity, initiative and positive attitude although the latter, sometimes, It was torture do, because money had very little-, They made it out to survive the crisis.

After, I took advantage of two chances initiative and always appreciate, because they helped keep afloat. The first, in September 2012, when Curro Castillo offered me work in his hilarious radio show on Onda Madrid (‘Today in Madrid Weekend), also having my section as “attorney header”. Today I continue because I love and eliminates the stress you accumulate during the week, almost without realizing it.

The second, on the same dates and the same radio program. I met someone, who inadvertently made me an interview, and when he finished he asked, without anesthesia, if I would write a book for Grupo Anaya.

After passing the corresponding tests, another was fulfilled my dream. Write a book: In September 2013 Was published ¡Ponte la Togo! And solves your legal problems, Practical publisher Oberon, that helps prevent and to take the first steps to solve the legal problems, explained with a colloquial, simple language. further, I had the luxury it was illustrated by the recently deceased great humorist, Antonio Fraguas Forges, who hope he rest in peace.

Today, I have achieved a good cruising speed in all aspects. Nevertheless, that does not mean it will rest on my laurels, but on the contraty. Why, at least, what has been achieved must be preserved; and the only option is to continue working and learning to improve day by day.

"Unlike some pizza, whose secret is in the dough, ours is the difference: effort, tenacity, patience…»

Definitely, if in particular pizza “The secret is in the dough”, how to be an independent lawyer and not die trying, the secret is to make a difference; at work, in effort, in toughness, patience, the initiative… and the positive attitude.

Definitely, these ingredients are also valid for the birth of a new entrepreneur of any guild. Cheer up those who be thinking!

Mar Lesmes He graduated in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid and a practicing lawyer by the Bar Association of Madrid.

The book ‘¡Ponte la Togo! And solves your legal problems‘ It can be purchased from