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Clinical CEMTRO opens center physiotherapy treatment unit backache

CEMTRO Clinic inaugurates a new physiotherapy center, incorporating a treatment unit backache, It is including osteopathic approach. The new space, Physical Therapy Club, It is aimed at people who demand high standards of quality and comfort that used to offer this institution.

This new private physiotherapy is heavily oriented sports physiotherapy, main area of ​​expertise of Clinical CENTER.

Physiotherapy, with emphasis on back pain

CEMTRO clinic continues its expansion with the opening of a new private physiotherapy center, Physiotherapy under the name Club. The new space is designed for people who demand the highest standards of quality and comfort, incorporating a new treatment unit back pain and very oriented sports physiotherapy.

“This new space is intended for patients who can not afford the time it takes a regular rehab and want to receive a personalized treatment and aimed at specific targets ", He said Fernando García Sanz, Head of Physiotherapy Clinic CEMTRO.

The new center, Monastery located on the Calle de Sobrado, in the neighborhood of Montecarmelo, mainly notable for the long career of all physicians in the treatment of post-surgical and sports pathologies.

further, It incorporates a new Service Unit Back Pain with osteopathy specialized high-tech features instrumental with stretchers DROP and equipped with engines with flexion distraction for the treatment of hernias and lumbar protrusions.

great professionals

The vast experience and dedication of the professionals is completed with the latest technology in physiotherapy (Heated stretchers, hyperthermia tecartherapy, WIRE-LESS technology with Compex muscle strengthening ...). As for the techniques performed in this new center, stand manipulative physiotherapy articular, myofascial induction, dry needling, neurodinamia, osteopathy and therapies antialgic back, Percutaneous Electrolysis Intratissue (AND) and other supportive techniques.

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"Physical Therapy Club is a project that meets the demands of our patients, They are requiring highly specialized treatments. This new center is in line with something we think and work: personalized medicine ", explains Pilar Guillen, Director General of Clinical CEMTRO.

Service Physiotherapy Clinic CEMTRO receives and takes care of more than 80 % recovery from injuries and surgeries in the hospital intervened. His extensive experience and highly specialized in the treatment of post-surgical and sports injuries and close communication between doctor and physiotherapist, They are become very good tools to achieve the best results.

CEMTRO clinic has a physiotherapy center in Pozuelo offering consultation traumatology, rehabilitation, Pilates classes and nutrition consultation plus physiotherapy sessions, and a franchisee center in Toledo. These spaces now adds Physical Therapy Club, patients attending high performance, with needs involving extraordinary dedication, incorporating a new treatment unit back pain and very oriented sports physiotherapy.