Dalyma welcomes the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of León

Company training divisional, encompassed in the platform Caralin Group companies, welcomes the creation of AJE León, the new one Association of Young Entrepreneurs from the province. formally established a few weeks ago, Integrated born in Leonesa Federation of Employers (HALF) and in the Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs (CEAJE). This non-profit group, made up of businessmen and entrepreneurs, It is politically independent, provincial level and intersectoral.

"The aim of the new organization is to create a group that defends our interests, the children of businessmen and entrepreneurs leoneses 41 years, and transfer our claims to the areas of management that may bring them solution ", explains David Mendez, director of Dalyma. «In addition, It provides for the participation in meetings of 'networking', la celebración de encuentros institucionales y el fomento decidido de la formación empresarial, an indispensable tool for competitiveness ".

Young Entrepreneurs Association of León

La Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios de León se va a integrar en la FELE como una organización más, and will benefit from all the services currently being developed by the agency. From AJE it has stressed that the success of this event has already allowed the creation of the first working committees to successfully meet the objectives of the association.

AJE León is part of the Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs (CEAJE) what, since 1991, It is the employer's representative of all young entrepreneurs in Spain with less than 41 years.
This is also a non-profit and independent character, although it integrated into various national and international institutions that make the movement stronger.


The voice of business

As it explains The reason, David Abril, your president, He took the presentation to remind all who are willing to undertake a business project, with the association at your disposal, both to guide them and defend their interests, to move their concerns and help them resolve any questions or bureaucratic obstacle having.

"We will be your voice in the institutions', He sentenced in April, while he is insisting that "Associated works". About, recalls that until not long ago hung out with four or five young entrepreneurs from the province to talk, share experiences and help in their projects. Meetings where, As he commented, "We found that this association was no official results. So, now, if we unite, We create synergies and we help each other instead of quarreling imagine what we can do ".

Nor was partisan study that college careers with more professional output, as counsel in various areas of society, as he believes that everyone should train in what you like. "He makes you want more than can more». And go on depopulation "The big problem in the province", therefore it considers it necessary to be close to small entrepreneurs in rural areas, helping them to make their products throughout Spain.

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