3 each 4 Spanish executives weigh the profitability of their companies

According to officials of the consultancy commSense, the behavior of leaders is between two distinct trends: one continuista, shortsighted and reactive; and other innovative, visionary and creative. And the first one, which it is prevalent among Spanish executives, It is also the least profitable for companies.

"Leaders can differentiate between those whose goal is not to lose and always looking for win; between continuistas and innovators; which move through the fear of failure and those who do to achieve goals ", states Carlos Duarte, director of commSense.

Spanish executives

Y, according to studies based on the methodology The Leadership Circle, "While the latter are profitable for their companies, and provide nearly twice as effective -basically, generate two euros for every euro that companies put in their hands, the other leaders, the reagent style, represent a drag on his, with an ERA of 0,7: companies do not even recover what they invest in them or through ".

According to data compiled by commSense responsible for consulting over the past decade, most executives in Spain (more of 200.000) governed by this second model of professional conduct. "Most workers are in positions of responsibility that act believing that they lack power to make changes, and they do not feel committed to what is happening in their organizations. Its main objective is to maintain normal, react to solve problems and conflicts and make things, simply, work ', Carlos Duarte indicates.

Carlos Duarte, director of commSense.

In view of this coach executive, the main cause of this trend comes from the training received by managers, "That focuses on technical and operational skills, what is often called "hard skills", regardless, in many cases, the "soft skills" and the personal and professional development as a creative leader and binding, aspects that serve to release the inner brake that prevents decisions to win, and not to keep, leaving behind the short-termism ".

In relation to their environment

Another plane of the creative leader profile has to do with your relationship with other workers: "Rather than having a team leader, companies should have a leadership team. The premise of this leadership is not made clear who holds, but in knowing what the organization needs at all times and apply it in the most effective manner ", explains the director of commSense.

Because, the method using consulting to determine the effectiveness of a manager for your company "Takes into account the perception of their work by the other employees, both subordinates and superiors', Carlos Duarte ends.

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