Fox Consulting: research on job performance

Research related to job performance are, far, the type of investigations carried out in Fox Consulting most common way. And is that, Contrary to what you might think, inquiries on labor casualties are not the core business of this detective agency, but all those related to the attitude and activity shows that workers in developing their workday.

"Having done a variety of work covering a considerable range of work activities", comments Guillermo Rocha, director general de Fox Consulting, "We have seen all types of abnormal behaviors, in any case, They go against contractual good faith ".

Labor performance

They are common on commercial orders, cleaning staff, technical support staff, etc. In any case, it comes with certain personal liberty and working in centers or places where they are not subject to labor control. And in many cases they have company cars and organize their time according to his will.

"The results are motley, Having observed workers who simply stop spending their time standing in a corner; many others who do not meet at all with your schedule, even to stop working on much of their workday, also they spend at home '.

In other cases we could detect customs as regular attendance at bars where several colleagues meet the same days of the week and at the same times.

Definitely, a cluster of behaviors that reduce the effective day to a few hours, causing customers to complete transmitting their discomfort companies as the service ends awarded resenting.

"It is anecdotal that the orders we receive are often motivated by some sort of anonymous tip", He concludes Guillermo Rocha, director general de Fox Consulting, 'Receiving our client, in which you are informed attitude “a colleague who…”».

Both companies and individuals

Detectives Fox is a private detective agency, It is offering its services for businesses and for individuals and professionals, providing a team of highly qualified and experienced in the sector, with very fast response, prices very good service and a very high level of satisfaction.

Guillermo Rocha, degree in 1995 Criminology by the UEM, with the title in Private and Criminology at the Complutense University of Madrid and a diploma in Graphology, Diagnostic, Pathological and Therapeutics at the same university, It was made in August of the year 2000 with management of the company Fox Consulting after five years as an independent.

The company, which had over 20 years of activity with the official license number TIP 880, It is reoriented the business sector, specifically the performance of services in the workplace, without forgetting the rest of investigations. after these 18 years, have become experts in conducting related services: low control, control work performance, control activity of senior and unfair competition.

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