«Win a client's hard; lose it does not cost anything», José Manuel Díaz #frentealespejo

Unlike those who hypothesize, defining your restaurant with more or less fashionable terms, or directly in another language, to give importance, I always chop a lance in favor of the old and wise Spanish. So when they ask me to define our restaurant, can you say, without offending anyone of us on board - but rather quite the opposite - that is a ' food '. Or more, or less. Because the most important thing for us is the quality of the product, the professionalism of the service and the comfort of our clients. Who wants 'I postureo', false modernity or culinary toast Sun seeking elsewhere.

We were born makes 25 years with the purpose of giving something different to what it was offering at the time in Basque Madrid grills. He ran 1992, year of the Expo in Seville and Barcelona Olympics, and our idea was to bring to the plateau the air of Basque cider houses, with a predominance of the grill, but without forgetting the rich dishes of the season and the products made from Iberian pigs.

At that time, the fish that most all grills sold was mainly sea bream. We are looking for an alternative that would be tasty, but that it was within the reach of all budgets; that was the 'txitxarro', also called mackerel or notary; and hence our name comes: La Txitxarrería.

A tasty blue fish, high nutritional content that has become the King of our Grill. From there we were building our based chart, a little as I said at the beginning, in the Basque classic grills.

«Bring the plateau the Basque cider: Grill, with seasonal dishes and Iberian pork derivatives»

Typical dishes of the time, some of them remain in our letter, as they could be Tudela buds, Cod omelette, Fried anchovies, meats and of course our rich Astigarraga cider.

Trying to keep that intact relaxed and family atmosphere, We have had to go adapting to the demand. Thus, We have carried out small changes regarding the décor of the place, presentation of our dishes, etc. Yes, without never renouncing the quality of our raw materials.

The area in which we are located also has changed a lot. In those years the entire area of the Avenue of Europe and the France Street was practically taken by bars, and dominated most street night. There was no activity day, except for some blocks of flats. It was not at all the shopping that we see now.

People thought that it was crazy wanting to set up a business in a little shopping area, that was to be developed. But Pozuelo is my village, I have always lived here, and I wanted to trust and bet on it. And the reality gave me the reason, because from the beginning it was a success.

«Internet has become much more demanding customer: it comes with a previous idea of what he expects to find»

Today the culinary offer exceeds by far the nightlife in this part of Pozuelo, with Business Park, our mall and LRT. Have also become Internet and reservation systems online. Both the guest of ago 25 years as the today come with the same idea: enjoy a good meal in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

The only difference is that, today, the customer has become much more demanding, There is a greater gastronomic offer, and thanks to the portals of reserves around the world comes with a previous idea of what you expect to find. We have some faithful who are visiting us from our beginnings; others we have discovered over the years, and they often repeat. But for us each and every one of our customers are important, because thanks to them you can still meet 25 years.

Meet the? “Golden Jubilee”? Step by step. Of time, the formula that has worked for us is to improve, improve and enhance. Our immediate challenges are the same that have accompanied us during all these years, and the only secret to get a quality catering is to make the client to feel as comfortable as possible; have to pamper it, and be aware of all the details, by trivial they may seem. Because win a client's hard, and losing it costs nothing.

José Manuel Díaz, founder of La Txitxarrería.