«We convert to unsung heroes, extraordinary people, in great adventurers», Eric Frattini #frentealespejo

Someone near me said recently: "Frattini, already you've won all the medals that you should win». After 17 armed conflict covered as a war correspondent for The country; 28 trials and 4 novels written and published in planet, and translated to 16 languages in 42 countries; having crossed the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic sailing; having participated in 2 Camel Trophy, in Borneo and Australia; in two Paris-argel - Dakar; having stepped on twice the Arctic, the last, to the point of “kicking”; or having worked for NATO in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, I decided that it was indeed good time to give a good retirement my damaged guardian angel.

In the year 2014, one of my best friends, the also writer Luis Miguel Rocha, detected it a very aggressive stomach cancer to their 39 years. «Are you 12 months of life», They told him. It was in 8. A night of 2015 I decided to upload me five girls survivors of cancer to the Summit of Kilimanjaro, the highest point of the African continent.

An idea that I had a morning on behalf of my friend Luis Miguel, It became a 'seismic' event with almost 45 millions of impacts. Suddenly a clerk at Madrid, a notary of Valencia, a Sportswoman of Asturias, a speech therapist in Vigo and a businesswoman of Lérida, that linked them as cancer survivors, they occupied the front pages of the major newspapers of our country.

«I decided that it was time to give a good retirement my damaged guardian angel»

The success gave way to the creation of TREX: more than a company, a spirit. Travellers Exploring, Travelers Scouts was born to meet the needs in society, where the spirit of adventure, day to day, they had gone missing, and where the unsung heroes of everyday life were to regain the prominence they deserved.

And in that became the second edition of the Pelayo lives challenge, in which cancer survivors five decided to embark on a sailboat of 73 feet and 37 tons, and cross the Atlantic in 13 days and 8 hours. A corporate real estate of Malaga, two guardiaciviles, a Mallorca marine biologist and a doctor in Madrid, without any experience in navigation. This time the audience reached the 125 millions of impacts. Then would come the Adventure Caixaproinfancia, that took a hundred boys and girls of between 10 Y 12 years, at risk of social exclusion, to observe the bears, Wolves, Lynx, Eagles and black storks to Asturias, Lion, Zamora, the Park of Doñana and Ciudad Real. A hundred little ones which had never been able to flee for their lives were together sharing a real adventure in nature.

This challenge you would Adventure Peru 2017 against Bullying, in which eight kids (four girls and other so many boys), that they had suffered bullying at school and they had managed to overcome it, they traveled with me to climb in Machu Picchu or penetrate into the deep jungle of the Amazon for two weeks. His brave message, bullying is also out, reached the 186 millions of impacts.

«Los héroes anónimos de lo cotidiano deben recobrar el protagonismo que se merecen»

En mitad de todo esto alguien decidió que lo que se me había ocurrido una noche de marzo de 2015 era una gran idea. Nos dieron el Premio Actualidad Económica a las 100 Mejores Ideas Empresariales; the Premio Aviva 2016 a la Innovación; una nominación a los Premios EFI 2016 en la categoría RSC; una nominación a los Premios Goya en la categoría de Corto Documental Español 30’; o más recientemente, una Mención de la NASA, the national administration of Aeronautics and space of the United States, the Pelayo Polar life challenge 2017 by the Preservation of the environment and the protection of the poles.

My major initiative had been in that, in a great idea, without the support and the help they have given me big and medium-sized enterprises, aware of the social reality that we live, companies formed by professionals who gave their organizations of a genuine collective soul, It turned into the social assistance through projects of TREX.

Without my 123 Heroes and heroines who have already lived an adventure TREX, without those companies that support me, my initiative would be just that, a 'good' idea; and those 551 millions of impacts, and the more than 14 million euros of return on advertising investment, they would be just numbers, and no data.

Eric Frattini