"In marketing, as in sastrería- best done as' ready-to-wear '', Asun Sela #frentealespejo

Savile Row is a mythical London street because on the roof of number 3 It took place last live performance by The Beatles. But mostly it is known for the various establishments of bespoke tailoring for men who are along the entire street.

By the way, Did you know that despite his fame comes from menswear, this “Elegant” street is named after a woman? You are right, a Lady Dorothy Savile, a real it-girl of his era that valued the details and accessories that made each garment was really only.

And is that, since ever, customizing objects and services has brought significant added value that helps to reinforce our ego as consumers because it makes us feel special and exclusive.

Customization helps attract more and better customer interest and to establish a favorable bond in their relationship in the short and medium term, which translates into repeat business and loyalty.

Before buying products or services we seek information, compared with other products and look at other offers, and consider the comments and recommendations from other buyers. We use, at the moment, mobile screens, tablets, computers, Voice assistants… but will be many more to be incorporated into our daily process.

And is that, According to Google, he 85% buyers online start a purchase on one device and finish on another. Many channels and supports you need to know, and which must be. And consequently, when to use the information to design and implement customized campaigns, it is increasingly imperative multichannel approach, even calling Omnichannel.

There is still enough to do and discover in the digitization and use of artificial intelligence and how to use the information to design and execute personalized campaigns, what makes our work a daily challenge, and really exciting.

And that requires us to be constantly learning, not to be afraid to reinvent ourselves and try to do something different, every time.

Do you remember what Churchill wrote that "A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty "? For in Savile Row Strategy & Creation Club are optimists…

"For a custom campaign it is essential to a multichannel approach, even with Omnichannel vocation "

Savile Row Strategy & Creation Club is a company that offers marketing and communication solutions tailored to each tooth. Our specialty is custom projects, and our inspiration are good tailors in London, the street Savile Row.

And as the London tailors, We are a club that brings together talent and experience: we combine the latest fashions and trends with the expertise of artisans who have long been dedicated to this office.

Our processes are focused on getting results. We are not only a creative agency; Our activity includes strategy and positioning, creating and executing campaigns, media management, conducting research, approach and use social media, marketing con influencers or press and media relations.

What makes us different? customization, starting with the team: one Savile Row Strategy & Creation Club think that every project requires a team sized to this.

"We bring together talent and experience: the latest fashions and trends united artisan knowhow "

To this end we collaborate with leading companies and high level of expertise, and thanks to our partnerships, Our approach is open, agile and flexible. This allows us to create teams of senior profile, with collaborators, experts and highly responsive.

We apply methodology lean to facilitate quick and quality services. And we help “to land” Projects: we conceptualize, We organize and transform them into actions and campaigns in the service of the brand and its customers. A measure.

Asun Sela founded in September 2016, with other members, Savile Row Strategy&Creation Club, After working in agencies and marketing departments to advertisers and consulting for both. "I did not know who wanted more: if Dad or Mom advertiser agency ".