"Girls for a day to give such women of the future ', Marta Pérez #frentealespejo

- Mom, at school, as an extracurricular activity I want to sign up for rugby.
- But daughter, If that's not for girls!

- I want to de-targeting robotics.
- But If you love!
- Yes, but we are only three girls, and children laugh at us.

- Do not cry son. Mourn is girls!

- Taking, Give your mom the menu; so do not put the same dinner.

- People are amazed when I see makeup and heels, And he told me “You do not look a scientific”.

These sentences show how ingrained in our society that are gender stereotypes, labels that put us from small. blue, rosa, brave, Princess… these beliefs, which form the background noise with which our children are growing up, They are marking them; and in the case of girls, They limit their potential and expectations.

If we raise from small children to be brave and believe champions, and girls to behave well and be beautiful, and this message is continuously and subliminally reinforced by media, the textbooks, the language we hear at home… it is not surprising that girls in their teens suffer a significant decline in self-esteem and self-confidence; and consequently of his ambition and career goals. If you do not get rid of that seed when girls are still small, the fruit will grow and limit their aspirations, and the magnificent potential of most of them.

"The stereotypes with which our children are raised limit the potential and expectations of girls'

If we add the lack of visibility of women role model, they can be their referents, it is not surprising that girls see themselves less able to careers as science and technology; when it is shown to actually have the same capabilities for them than children.

The aim of Inspiring Girls is precisely correct this situation. It is expanding and enriching the academic-professional contemplated by school-age girls and increase their self-confidence options, by providing positive models and reversal of gender stereotypes.

And we do this by “back to school” professional women from all sectors, who they share their own life and professional experience with them. They tell their life: why are passionate about their profession, What barriers they found to exercise, how they overcame… His example help them visualize the wide variety of professions and jobs that exist, without that being a woman involves no limitation, provided they are based on the work and effort.

Every woman can be an example, a role model, for girls and adolescents, to know of his hand the infinite possibilities that can suck in your life. There are hundreds of thousands of female models who, but they do not go on television or in magazines, They are an excellent example for girls and young.

"There are models woman, without leaving in the media, They are an excellent example for girls and young '

And it's amazing the impact that his single example of life can cause them. Attending any of these sessions, I've seen them change the face of girls, as they are open horizons that previously had. And in just one hour!

Con Inspiring Girls, all these women show girls, by example, you can dream of being what you want; that if they work hard, and strive to achieve their dreams, It can be reached. And forget forever the "you can not, because that's not girls'.

Marta Pérez Dorao is president of the Inspiring Girls Foundation.