«Networking: Sport for businessmen or formula to get contacts?», Miguel Armijo #frentealespejo

Networking. A “Word” increasingly heard in the business field. Do we really know what is? A group of people that - have relationship between them or not - try to give to learn or improve their professional contacts, and then create business opportunities. So in simple. But as with sport, to start it we must be clear that we are fans, and that we can not play the Champions from the first moment…

What I mean? So that as an athlete it starts slowly, in the Networking We should do the same. My advice - and is that deployed in our Organization's Networking: BNI - is to train much and well, for later, and growing skills involved, get the so long-awaited business opportunities.

And this is another one of the big mistakes of the “hunters” NetWorker: They atosigan and only want to get results they... My BNI meetings all seek business opportunities; and the sales arrive - if it is the case - then, and they depend not on the contact, but factors such as our ability to trade, the interest of our products/services, and no doubt the quality/price of the same.

«We prepare many cards and a message clear to take the person with which we talk about» “something” our»

But back to the beginning. Let's start our basic training. We must be clear where and how we are going:

  • If it is a gathering of many people, certainly prepare many cards and a clear and brief message (elevator pitch) so, in a short time, the entrepreneur that we talk about is carried “something” our.
  • Use of technical words or go into cumbersome topics, It is likely that the other person know what we are talking about, and what is worse, no longer interested. We are more to offer us a request, and in this way our partners keep better judgment and, probably, remind us of days later.
  • If it is a more specialized meeting (sectoral) or with a small number of attendees, We go with more material (advertising, merchandising…) because we will have more time to be with each person and we can offer you, They note that without, our products; to take our material, We will then recall.
  • Yes we can, Let's go accompanied by a partner or collaborator. Give us more ability to work and even support if a good opportunity; two, see and hear more than one always.
"If we can, Let's go accompanied by a partner or collaborator. It gives us more ability to work»

Also, must, just as in sport, achieved with dedication and time, improve our relationship and communication techniques, and of course the “put in scene” What we offer. I'm tired of going to meetings of Networking in which employers will just take something and see what happens.

I repeat, If we want to move from mere entertainment to play in the major leagues, and even get good scores, We have to take it for what it is: something professional to have to devote time and effort.

A good NetWorker is made, not born…

By Miguel Herrera Armijo, Executive Director of BNI Madrid this, Eastern and Guadalajara, and Andalucia Center.