«New times, new leaders», Fernando bottle #frentealespejo

In times of change, and I think that a few doubts that these are it will be them (Some say even that era), all eyes are turned towards the leader. It is logical, Since the uncertainty installed in organizations, as a new normal, It is instinctive and natural to look for a strong leader who guide us along that curd road hazards. What happens is that the new leaders who demand these new times are not those which were used. They have changed their appearance, his way of acting, his manner of speaking… They are about new leaders… Fortunately.

All paradigm shift forced to pay a price, and we live in is not an exception. It arises, lest we forget, a combination of elements such as the economic crisis, with the discrediting of certain produces dogmas that caused, the emergence of new phenomena as it is the collaborative economy and the technological explosion. Too many destabilizing factors to expect that they would not have consequences, It would not cause a revolution that was going to affect all aspects of life, including a capital issue as it is that of leadership.

«It is instinctive and natural to look for a strong leader who guides us on a path to curd dangers»

It took the times of the great messianic figures which dragged by charisma, that it got to the template in the pocket with a great speech at the Christmas party, que te cobijaban bajo su ala protectora y parecían tener una solución mágica para todas tus preocupaciones. “¿Que hay problemas? Tranquilo, el jefe pensará en algo”.

También han quedado totalmente desfasados los supuestos líderes que basaban toda su autoridad en el principio del ordeno y mando; those “jefes”, más que verdaderos líderes, que todo lo que tenían para ofrecer a sus colaboradores era unos galones para los que raramente habían hecho merecimientos. Ninguno de estos modelos tienen cabida en las actuales organizaciones por su incapacidad manifiesta para movilizar a las personas en estos nuevos entornos laborales.

Las personas hoy necesitan otro tipo de dirección. Alguien que no les trate como a mano de obra ejecutora, sino como a personas dotadas de su propio criterio. Alguien que les empodere, que les dé alas para crecer en lugar de cortárselas bajo un aluvión de órdenes o barreras.

«Hoy se necesita otro tipo de dirección. Que no trate como a mano de obra, sino como a individuos con criterio propio»

For this reason, the new leaders are sparing in rich in example and instructions. Their skills are more soft than hard, they are more mobilizing than drivers, they are more concerned about aligning that by ordering, by generated environments for collaboration and generation of collective ideas that illuminate in solitary only and infallible solutions.

These new leaders are true “social animals”, you have understood that the only way to achieve that the herd survive the thaw of the New Era is to create the necessary conditions so that she herself autogestione is and run with a single to be. That the collective take conscience that his strength is in the collaboration, in the use of the synergies generated by the shared talent, committed and aligned in the same direction.

Fernando Botella is chief executive officer of Think&Action.