"Corporate social responsibility: a commitment to all enterprises ", Beltran Yolanda I #frentealespejo

I'll cut to the chase: sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are no longer novel ideals or restricted the scope of large multinationals, but specific mandates that should guide the actions of companies. Of all.

Respect for the dignity of all persons, the rights of workers, consumer, care of the environment and the social environment affected by the activity of the business -of all company-, It should be the natural framework for his performance as an economic agent.

The first requirement for a responsible company necessarily involves compliance, with particular respect for the rights of workers; I do not mean minimum on which massuese -Salary comments, working day, holidays…- or avoidance of any form of discrimination; but to go a step further by paying attention to the specific needs of people: access to the labor market of groups with integration difficulties (minorities, immigrants, young untrained, Features…), family reconciliation, maternity, child care and elderly, etc.

"A responsible company must comply with the rules, with particular respect for the rights of workers'

Secondly, I think it appropriate to emphasize the responsible environmental behavior, ensuring that management is friendly from start to finish, from the use of products specifically designed from caring (in our case the standard 5Free; this is, that our products do not contain toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates, formaldehyde resin or camphor) the protection of animals as experimental subjects.

Finally, I think that the responsibility should go beyond the aspects inherent to the activity and take advantage of its ability to transform the environment contributing to the betterment of society. In this sense, It should be very clear that CSR should not be identified with solidarity and noble sentiments, but with fair reciprocity that companies owe to a diverse and complex society of which we are all part.

Because we are debtors and because the responsibility is huge, I have always believed that the most useful is to start repaying that debt starting with the most vulnerable, for those who suffer most “inefficiencies” of the system.

every entrepreneur, applying its code of ethics and performance lines plotted according to their possibilities and circumstances, who will define the areas of their performance. In my case there are two realities that for years have called my attention: Children and animals, especially vulnerable subjects suffering like no other effects of the disease, loneliness, abuse or neglect.

"Every entrepreneur according to his ethical code and its possibilities and circumstances-, who will define areas of your performance '

It would make sense to list on these lines the initiatives carried out by Nails Factory CSR, but it is forced to take the opportunity to thank the organizations and projects that have made our small contribution: Doctors without borders, Spain plan, Fundación Pequeño Deseo, Program Stop Bullying against bullying, and training activities mentoring promoted by Youth Business Spain, shoulder, ACUNR, among many other initiatives that have given us the opportunity to contribute to exercise our corporate responsibility.

Yolanda Beltran is the founder of the franchise centers manicures and pedicures Nails Factory, more than 150 operating units throughout Spain.