"The technological revolution or permanent obsolescence", Jose Ignacio Rubio I #frentealespejo

I am one of the many lucky ones who has lived, live and live an ever faster and with less time to adapt technological evolution.

I still remember when I got my first phone “intelligent,” or the first time I used a personal computer… These elements have become inseparable part of our lives, but surely they will be displaced by new technological elements in the coming years.

I consider myself fortunate to live this new “industrial Revolution”, and do so from a privileged barrier, because I have the fortune to work in a technology company, allowing me to learn every day about new specialized solutions, and transmit them to our customers passionately.

We started our journey in Spain and Portugal in Group Detector coinciding with the beginning of the century, and based on service a world leader in stolen vehicle recovery. After many years of exciting work we have become the metonymy of sector-just before they were Kleenex, for cotton handkerchiefs, and Coke, for refrescos- given the effectiveness of our service. What we immediately opened wide the doors of the insurance market, which prevented our service have to compensate the value of vehicle theft.

"I work in a technology company: I learn every day new specialized solutions, and I convey the customers'

In 2008 insurance companies began to demand more services linked to the telematic terminals shipped in vehicles, and we started working with them on pay per use, with companies offering “telematic policies”, thanks to which policyholders pay car insurance based on information derived from the telematic terminal.

Detector technological explosion in Group started in 2012, with the creation of the area IoT (Internet of Things), through which we offer asset monitoring services through simple and inexpensive technological solutions. Our aim is to offer projects to this or consumables B2B2C provide information on the location or movement of assets. This translates into projects on oil monitoring persons or vehicles at dealerships plants on one side, and / or localization services keys or luggage by another.

How exciting this new stage is to see how arise month to month new business opportunities with high market demand; so certainly a technologically exciting years ahead…

Jose Ignacio Rubio Commercial and Marketing Director Detector group.