"Dreams do not expire ', Martin Guss I #frentealespejo

Gustavo Adolfo Martín García was born in Segovia 15 April 1971. Martin Guss, some time later. But not much, because my childhood was spent between cardboard guitars, of own manufacture, and some other given by friends, family because my musical vocation resistance did not put me easy way…

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To be a professional road? Get the CAP with Dalyma

Dalyma teaches courses in preparation for official examinations overcome needed to get the certificate CAP, this is, Professional Competence in Road Transport (formerly called Carrier Training). This title is imperative to exercise any business activity related to transportation, either goods or passengers. Each type of certificate has […]

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The Spanish, suspended financial education

Last week the results of the Survey of Financial Powers made public (ECF). An analysis conducted jointly by the Bank of Spain and the CNMV, within the Financial Education Plan, and included in the National Statistical Plan, and he has enjoyed the cooperation of the INE and strategic consulting […]


Olmata group boasts Spanish vegetables with 'pedigree’

The Spanish vegetables enjoy a great quality. And yet, consumption in our country is declining for years, and about three kilos per person per year stands. A trend that, He explains Group Olmata, It aims to reverse through education: It is to sensitize the […]