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The 10 most reputable companies in the world

A year has published the ranking Reptrak 2018, with brands that enjoy the best reputation worldwide, formed by 100 companies among which unfortunately contains no Spanish. In fact, This time the perception of the corporate image in general has decreased. Intel and Rolls-Royce are two brands that […]


"Out of the maze", Francisco Serrano I #frentealespejo

More than once it has happened to us that, when in a conversation someone offers data, and not everyone agrees, the immediate reaction is to use mobile, the browser and the gateway to the realm where everything is, Google.


What is Ripple, the cryptocurrency of Banco Santander?

Ripple is a digital system of currency exchange and payments protocol that enables companies and banks to complete transactions and change faster and cheaper than using traditional currency systems. Three years ago, Ripple captured the interest of anyone following the financial world for the support of Banco Santander towards this […]