Our summary of the week, NO-DO del 13 al 19 October 2018

Throughout this week we noticed several news that have shaped our partners. As is the case ElParking, which chooses the award for Best App in Spain 2018; in technological terms we have also known the work of Mercury TFS, dedicada al blockchain tan en boga. Meanwhile, […]

breast cancer

World Breast Cancer Day: the important thing is to prevent

morning, 19 October, another year it celebrates World Breast Cancer Day. An event-driven patient associations from around the globe, with the aim to inform and sensitize the population, and especially women. In the end, They represent more than 99% of diagnosed cases. Y […]

best App

ElParking collects votes to become Best App in Spain 2018

ElParking participates in the awards awards The Awards, selecting the Best App in Spain 2018, the most outstanding games of Google Play and Apple App Store and the most relevant apps within each of the categories set: Shopping, Business and Finance, Entertainment, Photo, Video and Music, Health 'Fitness', Travel and Transportation, Education, Style […]

Mercury TFS

Mercury TFS drives your software for trade finance’ in Latin America

The Spanish company Mercury Trade Finance Solutions (Mercury TFS), specialist software solutions for trade finance, will incorporate, in 2019, new features based on artificial intelligence and blockchain. But also, He has announced its entry into Chile and Mexico, after reaching agreements with local organizations.