Juan Carlos Maté, in ‘ entrepreneurs’

This week, el portal de la revista Emprendedores ha publicado una semblanza de nuestro presidente, Juan Carlos Maté, in its section ‘ cases of success ’, en la que alude a la puesta en marcha de Caralin Group, and successful career during these last 10 years.

CG trends UX

The seven challenges to improve user experience

According to Vector ITC, technology trends in 2018 They abound in topics such as virtual reality and intelligent customization, and user experience will strengthen as the angular part of any business strategy. For his part, biometric authentication is to deploy permanently as a solution to security in all kinds of […]

In housing, the bargains can get very expensive

After the summer of 2017 a report came out on TV on the "standardization of real estate». Unfortunately, they returned to launch the wrong message that the price of housing is rising. Upload, Yes, but not everywhere. The rise of prices in residential occurred in very specific areas - almost always […]

CG trends ecommerce

Five tips to marked trend for eCommerce

E-commerce live days of glory, but you can't stop a second due to the continuous changes and new proposals. The figures of the volume of purchase in the virtual environment, not for upload, and not shown to be at the expense of the physical store. The new retailers are in luck and […]

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Half of Spanish households already buy organic products

The consumption of so-called green products is increasingly common among Spanish households, Since nearly half of the families in this country (47,2%) It includes in its daily purchase any agri-food product organic production in your shopping basket, According to the study prepared by the multinational Carrefour, in collaboration […]

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Nine trends that will transform the retail sector in the 2018

As each new year, It's time for predictions and reveal trends. Fujitsu has opted for these nine trends that will change in his opinion the sector of trade retailer in 2018, forecasting a wave of consolidations of companies for mergers and acquisitions. Artificial intelligence will modify it all-inclusive how to interact with […]