App Caralin Group celebrates its first anniversary

Today, day 12 September, the first year is fulfilled since the launch of our corporate app. A project that we were looking for improve and differentiate ourselves in a technological environment increasingly more global, and involve the same to our partners. And is that more than the 80% the population of adult in our country uses a Smartphone, the largest share of implementation of the world.

So, the return of the summer of 2016 It was the beginning of a commitment to expand our presence on the Internet in the hands of the same developer, our partner Comfix, and several companies that decided to join us in the start up project.

The figures

A year later, Y 235 articles and news published about a hundred companies, the illusion has become a reality that throws figures - that fill us with pride even in its modesty- as the 5.800 recorded sessions, with nearly 10.500 total views, namely, average 1,81 screens per session.

As for the users, their number has reached an average growth of the 6% monthly, and with respect to its origin, In addition to Spain, There are from the rest of Europe, as United Kingdom, Norway and Portugal, and the Americas, specifically in the United States, Colombia, Mexico, Canada and Peru, but also of India. Luckily the forecast ran and the content is available in five languages: English, German, French, Russian and mandarin.

For his part, in the statistics of such content, el récord de visitas lo ostenta the first intervention of Juan Carlos Maté in the channel of YouTube #MatéLoSabe. Then, many news are of AR-14 Y Abacus Quality.

How to get it?

The application can download is of form free both for devices Android as iOS, in the portals of Google Play Y App Store, respectively.