Get the app from Caralin Group in three steps

Have the news that may interest you most about the actuality of Caralin Group and all the firms that are part of our platform available on the mobile phone is very simple. If you want a friend or acquaintance also get it, just tell these steps.

Android devices

Mobile phones or tablets with Google's operating system can find the application through the Play Store. The simplest method is to use the store finder, using the text ‘ Caralin Group ’.

We must then find the applications section, where it appears as first result our app. By clicking on its icon, the window from which can make the installation.

You can also find using Web This link.

IOS devices

How to proceed with Apple devices is similar. In this case we will use the route of the App Store this brand. The search engine is located in the menu located at the bottom of the screen, donde también buscaremos el texto ‘Caralin Grouppara encontrar la aplicación.


De la misma forma, también puede accederse a la página web de la aplicación a través de This link.