Fernando Botella presents his new book: 'Welcome to the Revolution 4.0’

Last day 30 It may took place in Madrid the presentation of the book Welcome to the Revolution 4.0, Fernando Botella, CEO de Think&Action and expert consultant in leadership, talent, innovation and transformation of organizations.

Under the subheading All you need to know to succeed in the digital age, the work is a guide “from the past to the future, from anthropology, sociology or biology to technological singularity. For all the times when great changes were experienced they had their particularities. Now we need to know what the prevailing today”.

And is that the concept Industry 4.0, also called Fourth Industrial Revolution, It is based on the digitization of the value chain, that is to say, from the supplier to the customer. Through new technologies, It seeks connection “smart factory” with the outside, so that issues such as the level of supply and market demand are taken into account, information on competitors and customers… and that production can be adapted accordingly.

“The revolution 4.0 It is here to stay and we must learn to adapt to it. Y, Contrary to what many people think, it is not digitized and master social networks. Nothing is further from reality: It is to change and anticipate what is to come”, explains the author.

This is the fourth book of Fernando Botella, after The force of illusion (encourages Editorial, 2011), written by the magician Jorge Blass, dare yourself (encourages Editorial, 2012) Y The H factor (encourages Editorial, 2016). And has prologue and epilogue José Luis Cordeiro Javier Sirvent. Now you can purchase form online in various shops.

Fernando Botella has a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Valencia, Master in Business Administration by ICADE and Executive Coach Graduated from the European School of Coaching.

For more information: www.thinkandaction.com.