Susana Canil presents the second part of its 'Cañilismos Canallas', sponsored by Caralin Group

Next day 23 of May, starting at 19.00 hours, la sala ‘Collage Drinks Arts & The light bulb’ Madrid hosts the presentation of the book Cañilismos Canallas 2 – I point C. This is the second part of the “cañilismos” Susana Canil after My crotch Tavern, published in 2016.

The evening, Mik organized by Media Productions, It will be presented by writer and political scientist Javier Santamarta, and will feature performances of singer Lisi Prospert, author The girl in the alley, First Song Cañilismos Canallas. It will also feature the participation of Caralin Group, who has collaborated on this -at launch as it did with that first part-, in its initiative to support the promotion of culture.

In this volume, the new collection of aphorisms is divided into 13 “island”, each dedicated to an important man in history and in keeping with his personality. Visiting them means finding the “answers to questions from the insatiable thousand and one causes vortices read the author”.

The book is accompanied by its own soundtrack, with 13 themes inspired by each of the rooms, and whose production is carried out by the record label Discos Lollipop. From Benny Goodman to Caruso, Juanita through Cuenca and even the Marx brothers, The varied repertoire serves to complete the reading experience.

Edited by Ediciones Eride, Cañilismos Canallas 2 – I point C He has had the collaboration of writers and journalists Teresa Viejo and Javier Figuero, responsible for the prologue and epilogue of the book, respectively.

The title is already available in the store online of the publishers:

Event information
Date: 23 of May, 19.00h
Place: Collage Drinks Arts & The light bulb (Street Carlos Maurras, 4, 28036 Madrid)
Free entry