Vehicles of time and restoration

Sealco keeps alive a rare specialty in their workshops, of restoration of classic vehicles. His mechanics are able to reproduce all the components of bodywork and interiors, In addition to working on the motor or gearbox, vehicles of more of 25 years.

Sealco Group He also performed restoration work of myths of the Volkswagen Beetle, working on all bodywork components, Interior, In addition to engine, gear box, suspension, etc., changing or repairing parts that were affected by the use.

Precisely, a renovated last copy is a black beetle which has been mounted a new engine of 1.500 CC and endowed with a power of 44 CV. A full and detailed work has been, Maybe the clutch has been replaced, engine flywheel, brakes, transmissions, damping, suspension arms, address, Springs and rear silencer.

The electrical installation has also cleaned up, along with watches and sensors, including the own instruments. Also complete body has been painted, changed belts, repaired and restored the pop-up roof, upholstery of seats and interior door panels. After passing the ITV, the car is in perfect condition to enjoy your driving.

For this reason, If you want to give life to one of your early years cars or you're a lover of vintage, Sealco makes you a personalized quote and ensures you return to circulate safely.

In its Department of restoration of classic vehicles the Sealco Group atiende todas las circunstancias, According to the directions of the owner, or under its criteria the best recommendation of the work to be performed, Since in this matter, all the customer's expectations can not always be: depends on the condition of the vehicle, the availability of original spare parts or compatible, budget spending, What is going to give…


Phases of action

A standard process should start with the complete disassembly of the body and exterior etching, in this way the chopped and oxidation which are not perceived at first glance can be seen better, and that it has been affected by the passage of time, as well as bad repairs covered with paint.

But to make a good restoration complete, not just a coat of new paint and change the headlights... Even walking, the vehicle must be adapted to current traffic conditions, that will continue to enjoy driving with total peace of mind and not to be a nuisance or a danger to others.

Thus, a performance at the mechanics to make it more reliable, it is advisable to: engine, gear box, suspension, brakes, tyres, battery… Other times, the same it is advisable to keep the original parts to give you a more authentic touch.

In the majority of cases, more than repair will have to reinstall from scratch all the electrical circuitry, hoses and wiring. But step, You can add extras such as car stereo MP3, speakers and GPS navigation system.

Amenities depend on the quality of the interior. But not only the seats or upholstery, also carpets, trim and all those small details that only we appreciate when we sat at the wheel.

At last, It ends with an excellent paint coating finish, and the updating of the body with a perfect alignment of the exterior parts and trim.

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