More and more people pay the ORA with mobile in Spain

Surely you still remember those races to the parking meter or those nerves down the stairs of office distressed because the meeting was extended and you spent time and ticket ... But luckily, with the arrival of applications that enable pay the ORA from Mobile, these "problems" are history.

Receive notification five minutes before you go to the ticket expiration may extend the time wherever you are, cancel the report if you had been sanctioned or get all the tickets you need without having to go in no time the parking meter, are some of the advantages offered ElParking.

However, If you are someone who already forgot about the parking meter ... can you imagine how many people also use mobile payment? Only in Madrid, Almost one 50%! Almost half of the population in the areas regulated parks, You prefer to pay from your mobile phone before you go to the machine.

The data show that more and more cities have been encouraging the digital payment against the postpay. In fact, If we were to say to date are the five cities (excluding Madrid) most have been growing in mobile payment on total users using the blue zone, so would the ranking: in Burgos, around the 40% ORA users already use the parking ElParking. Followed by Ibiza with 25%, Lleida (25%), Oviedo (24%) and ending the list with San Sebastián, with a 23% approximately. In other words, one in four users use ElParking to park just past three years of the launch of mobile payment, it's not bad at all.

And for when more cities?

While currently you can use ElParking in more than 60 Spanish cities, end the year with a 75, reaching a penetration 50% in the next two or three years, are some of the goals that the platform hopes to meet ElParking, as there is something we must not forget. Given the existence of regulated areas scattered throughout the different cities of the country, make payment easy and fast rate will always be a wise decision for users like you and me that every day we need to park our vehicle, we do it in the most comfortable way possible. And as, The more cities enjoy such convenience, better 😉

More information in www.elparking.com.