We could opt for the easy way, and just say that we are an organization that brings together a wide range of specialist services to offer solutions to our customers. But, It is true, and covering for vagueness everything that could be said about the outsourcing business-that 'outsourcing' must, both of which are now talks to be adjusted Budgets we would be falling short. In Caralin Group we did not limit only to business service, but we go beyond, also covering most of the personal needs of our clients. That in addition to being, they are friends.

If we can increase every month our customer base, and if there are organizations in both the private sector in this, and the different administrations, because, more than that 'organization' we mentioned in the definition of a team talk, I used to work as such, and not through watertight divisions or departments. Result? That each and every one of the members that make Caralin Group contributes its bit to optimize the quality, flexibility and cost of each operation; regardless of whether or not they are directly involved. That "Today for me, tomorrow for you" synergies achieved providing comprehensive and integrated management of a group of services to the same client monetize. Something that we are very proud.

Caralin Group servicios

As we also have own know-how, acquired through professional experience of our management team, with decades of experience in the implementation and management of services; with hundreds of customers with a permanence which remains since the founding of this company; a 'senior' multidisciplinary management team and a qualified staff of employees. And with an entrepreneurial spirit that leads us to be in constant expansion.

In the present circumstances, with such a competitive environment, outsourcing services that are not the specialty of the company, It is allowing it to focus its efforts on developing its business management and release of the follow-. The great flexibility of our team makes it possible to offer the customer a different model of business, ranging from hiring a unique service to the possibility of complete management of these complementary activities, to optimize resources and costs, and receiving ongoing advice and constant attention to their needs. As a friend who would occupy the problem. Not in vain Caralin Group is synonymous with quality, efficiency and speed of service, but also warmth in the treatment and accountability when it comes to lend.

So, -avalados have the confidence that our clients continue to place in Caralin divided Group- services:

Auxiliary services

  • Cleaners
  • Telephonists
  • Janitors / ordinances
  • Masonry repairs, plumbing and painting
  • Messaging nationwide
  • Receptionists
  • Access Controllers

Legal services and training

  • Business Consultancy
  • Advice on obtaining ISO
  • Sale and purchase of companies
  • Training courses in business, sales ...
  • English teacher for companies

Financial and accounting services

  • Arrears management and debt collection
  • Documentation management and savings bank
  • R & D Certifications and financial advice
  • Insurance broker

Energy services

  • Drivers
  • Electrical and metallurgical solutions
  • Consumer Electronics

Cleaning services

  • Distribution of products and machinery for cleaning and industrial hygiene
  • Cleaners
  • Disinfecting water for farms
  • Cesspooling and unblocking

Environmental Services

  • Environmental technicians (buildings)
  • Advice on obtaining environmental certificates
  • Gardeners

Production and design

  • Web development and SEO / SEM positioning
  • Graphic arts
  • Social media management
  • Nationwide advertising company
  • Fashion films

Computer and security systems

  • Video surveillance and video conferencing
  • Engineering and computer security
  • Applications development
  • Security guards
  • Hardware and resources


  • Catering
  • Restaurants for celebrations
  • Feeding (delicatessen)
  • Business lunches and individuals
  • Cutting ham

Technical services and maintenance

  • Lift maintenance
  • Comprehensive maintenance of buildings and businesses nationwide
  • Projects and Maintenance of Telecommunications

Urban services

  • Construction and renovation
  • Integration of the disabled in the labor market
  • Inspection and certification areas and sports facilities
  • Telephone systems
  • Tires
  • Glassware

Logistics and transport

  • Import and export transportation
  • Services 'renting' and 'leasing'
  • Holiday private planes and helicopters
  • Travel agency
  • Vehicles with / without driver

Sociosanitary Services

  • Company prevention of occupational risks
  • Medical / surgical supplies
  • Body beauty clinic
  • Dental clinic in different parts of Spain

Organizing events

  • Preparation of acts
  • Hostesses
  • Tents and facilities for celebrations
  • Company Meetings (courses, awards ...)
  • Rooms for private functions (wedding, communions ...)
  • Floral arrangements

Various services

  • Detectives, researchers
  • Export of wine products
  • Tailoring and uniform
  • Gifts of Fine Jewelry
  • Corporate gifts
  • Professional photographers

Caralin Group to grow and to assess any idea or need a customer has. Our intention is to assist you in improving your business, and also in your personal life. We study the best solution to grow together.