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Ibermutuamur talks about prevention and intergenerational diversity

The presentation given by Francisco García Cantos, Ibermutuamur prevention technician in Western Andalusia, within the day 'The role of universities in the ecological transition within the framework of Agenda 2030', held at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, It was about the age management and age diversity.

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Ibermutuamur closes the application campaign 'bonus’ prevention 2018

Ibermutuamur, mutual collaborating with Social Security, He has received 11.680 solicitudes de incentivo bonus a la prevención, and manage near 15 million euros in the campaign 2018. A) Yes, the entity multiplied almost tenfold the number of applications received during the campaign 2017. This increase is in the 80% más que la […]


Ibermutuamur he obtained 69,4 million euros of positive result 2017

The result represents the 7,95% of total revenue, which they amounted to 873 millions of euros, a 5,7% more than the previous year. The efficiency rate has been at the 7,95% of total income, a 150% on registered by the sector in a context of strong consumption growth […]