"What menu restoration prepares for the coming years?», Enrique Luque I #frentealespejo

When people ask me where to go trends in the world of catering this and maybe next year, I always answer that I trust development models emerging business “casualization” haute cuisine, borrowing the term of the Basque Culinary Center, I says something know these things.

Not in vain, the tendency to democratize the concepts, that comes from chefs with Michelin stars or young chefs with experience in haute cuisine, Javi as Estevez, Ana Merino, Jesus Moral and Javier Aparicio, will go more in this 2018, And I say the end of decade, with the possibility of having the intention to create its own network of restaurants; which certainly it means great news for the sector.

The tailwind in the economy, and increased investment in this type of entertainment without going any further, the latest report from The NPD Group consultancy says that the restoration has grown in Spain for the third consecutive year: a 2,5% in 2017 may boost the development of the hotel and catering by young professionals, formed of haute cuisine, occupying local chains casual food with a commitment to quality affordable will make the difference.

"I am confident the development of culinary models emerged from the “casualization” haute cuisine '

Examples can be worth Tricycle, Habitual the Saiti. These three models are installed in urban areas and “revolutionize” the environment, causing a wave of entrepreneurs restaurateurs opening in their immediate environment. In addition to the leading brands we all know, These initiatives are also being consolidated, and that surely emerge from restaurant chains to be speaking shortly.

But, It is a little more specific, within the thematic restoration, What kind of food will stand out above the rest? For its chains protrude vegan effervescence restoration, ecological proposal and bio.

The staging of these concepts will combine quality and specialty products, led to a consumer urbanite, who cares its image and health, with a clear operational, Vegetable cooking to the client, usually served in a bowl or bowl.

The trend is strongly US, that our renowned chef José Andrés is targeted, with its small but growing restaurant chain Beefsteak. Although we also get pressure from Europe. Maybe it's a 10% customer here who are interested in the future this type of themed restaurant, although its growth will be relevant in the absence of an offer saturated today.

"By its fizz, vegan chains, eco-proposal and 'bio', They stand out above the rest "

To end, look to the horizon with a little more perspective, to scan if there is another interesting consumer trend nowadays that can generate new business opportunities for those who are always looking for the latest innovation yet to come.

In this sense, there are opportunities in the development of restaurant chains that attends to diners who want to eat well, looking for new ways to eat, schedules without limitations, various types of cuisine in which to develop an important part of their social life. This demand for diners who want to share and influence their environment can find the perfect answer broader initiative of the hoteliers to influence public, creating new concepts more affordable to all pockets but with quality proposals.

Examples of the latter are 2 Seasons, Baeza&Rufete, Canalla Bistro, Pure state… more expensive models in supply chains hospitality reference, but leave the middle pocket access the possibility of having a dining experience with a quality. He asks the consumer who likes not only eat, but enjoyed from entering the establishment.

Enrique Luque is a consultant in strategy retail, Business Growth, franchise, and internationalization, and director of strategic consulting Opteamism.