Caral Brico

Caral Brico

Caral Brico

Brico Caralin our division was created in response to the needs of both individuals and companies to carry out all kinds of reforms, repairs and maintenance.

It includes comprehensive services and professional confidence in performing masonry work, plumbing, painting, carpentry, decor, air conditioning, electricity or locksmithing.

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Clinics and laboratoriescommunitieshospitalsHotelsInst. sportscommercialIndustrial shipsOffices and officesparticularHouseholds


architectsCertifications and licensesdecoratorsdraftsmenGeologists y surveyorsengineersOrg. authorized control (FATHER)landscapersDrone pilots


custodyCertified Document Destructionconfidential documentsdocumentsFurniture and fixturesinclusive removalsServ. repository


hot water (ACS)liftsC.C.T.V.HeatingAir conditioningdescalingdomóticaElectricityPlumbing and SanitationGasLobbies AFSgensetsSolar panelsDoor OpenersProtec. fire protection.signsSecurity and intrusionseñaléticaTelecommunicationToldosVentilation and extractionglassmaking


liftsD.D.D (pest control)Disabled liftsescalatorsFirefightingLobbies AFSgensetstechnical facilitiesGardenscleaningAutomatic doorsSewerage


Kitchen assembliesInstallation of curtains and blindsFurniture assemblyMounting palletsMinor repairsPainting<

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