Blarlo helps companies overcome the language barrier

I blarlo It is a translation platform that streamlines the process of transcription into other languages ​​through technology, and offers customers multiple resources and professionals from around the world to address optimally the translation needs of a company.

As explained by the three founders, Carmelo Gayubo, Óscar Martín and Jorge Carabias: «Although we accommodate any client with any translation needs, we went mainly to large companies with specialized requirements».

How and when the business idea emerged?

Blarlo was born out of a need we had when we wanted to translate text into another language ensuring the final quality. Then we saw that the alternatives that we did not cover the parameters we looked, and that the processes were not optimized in many ways nothing.

The three co-founders have related consulting and technology sectors profiles, and we decided to create Blarlo to meet this need in a more efficient way.

added value for the market

Our goal is to provide a solution to the demands that arise in a globalized world and new technological models. Traditional systems do not cover these needs, as have native speakers of any language or specialty or be able to translate the millions of words that can generate a company in a few days.

The key is to maximize the efficiency of the translation process and improve the customer experience in all aspects: quality, time and costs. The emergence draft a necessity, in Blarlo we have focused on using the knowledge we have in technology and process optimization to improve customer experience when locating their contents. We want the price and delivery deadlines are tight, and that our translators have access to jobs that get the maximum return on your time.

From left to right, Carmelo Gayubo, Jorge Carabias, Laeticia Abihssira and Oscar Martin.

Viability of the business idea

Before undertaking the project, We analyze the market both nationally and internationally and the needs of the. And we found it very interesting from the outset, why, despite the crisis, He wore 10 growing years, even percentages above double digits. But it was a very fragmented market and not too advanced from the technological point of view, which opened many possibilities.

Startup business

The main difficulties were, On one side, the creation of the technological platform, as we wanted to automatically optimize the entire process of translation management. And on the other hand, convince hundreds of translators from around the world who certificasen in Blarlo when we did not have customers, but to show the seriousness and viability of the project helped us a lot.

differentiators services

The main service is the translation Blarlo, although the goal is to become a platform for language services. Our main difference is the efficiency of the whole process: We cover from the technological integration with client platforms, the entire translation process and the final format of the content. We convert the translation into other languages ​​into a fully integrated service for customers, you can count on more than 2.000 Professional translators over 80 countries.

All this leads to better quality, more agility and better prices for the customer that the options available so far.

Growth targets

Our goal is to be present in 10 in nearby countries 3 years: Blarlo's philosophy is to become a global project and address the needs of translation companies around the world. At that time we hope to have a turnover of more than 10 millions of euros.

For more information:
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