TotalSafePack: sumiller for transporting the bottle crates

An experienced entrepreneur in the logistics sector, David Gorgues, He created TotalSafePack, a system designed boxes for safe transport without breakage of bottles of wine, oil, beer or distilled, upon detecting a need in the market: seven hundred bottles are injured and a small mishap (a bottle of liquid rota) can corrupt the entire cargo and affects shipping time and final costs.

Wine lovers embraced in a short time and no doubt the new concept packaging Transportation patented by TotalSafePack. Die design carton that protects bottles of all kinds and ensures that the product reaches its destination in perfect condition.

"I thought the design for these boxes had to use air chambers, to cushion the impact, and thereby reduce the risk of fractures by 95% ', David tells Gorgues.

Key Business

"Many managers of transportation and logistics services are unaware that they send bottles break, corrupts all cargo and then have to replace it, eventually increasing the cost of service ", continues this enterprising, founder TotalSafePack.

TotalSafePack boxes are unique in the world and are easily assembled. And companies that use the system get a minimum breakage rate of only 0,05%.

TotalSafePack David Gorgues, creator TotalSafePack.

In fact, David Gorgues has patented up to four boxes offering families a safe and reliable transport packaging and handling bottles:

  • TotalWinePack wine.
  • TotalOilPack for oil.
  • TotalDrinkPack para destilados.
  • TotalBeerPack beer.

TotalSafePack: an idea award

TotalSafePack has received awards Liderpack 2013 Y 2016 the best carton for shipping bottles and World Star Award for Packaging and Beverage Category on 2014.

For David Gorgues, "The objective in the coming years is to expand internationally our product and business model, Now we are already present in Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Uruguay and Chile ».

A promising future

The company started its activity as broker international transport and over time has adapted to market needs. The emergence of e-commerce made in the 2012 and the 2017, respectively, the packaging and logistics units were created to provide comprehensive service to customers who wanted to expand their business online beyond Spain.

But for David Gorgues one of the greatest satisfactions is the fact that once called him from Germany. "It was a citizen, wine consumer, he asked the CEO alone to thank designed to have such a nice and so efficient box ".

You can learn more about TotalSafePack in their Web page.