To Choose school canteen or catering company? Olmata advises you

In the catering market there is a huge competition. Because, to weigh the hiring a company catering for a school or business dining it is important to note councils Olmata, a company that has more than three decades in the market and knows what he's talking.

In a catering for school canteen or company, service quality is given by several factors: nutritional balance, the ability to generate alternative menus based diets and allergies, transport systems used to preserve food in optimal conditions, etc.

The general recommendation is to choose a company with sufficient capacity to meet the varied needs, because the world of food-not to mention the girlish is complex and delicate.

Catering school the company

Main factors to consider:

  • nutritional balance: it is essential that the contractor has a specific department, able to design balanced menus and varied enough not to bore students. further, we must bear in mind that the school needs vary depending on their age, Curriculum, etc.
  • Diets and allergies: are many children and young people who have some type of food allergy, or that, for medical needs, They need to undergo a diet. If the contractor does not have capacity to resolve this issue, there is some risk that they suffer from poor nutrition.
  • Food Quality: Food served to schoolchildren and workers must be of quality to favor their satisfaction. There are many days they eat away from home; the mission of a catering school or company is to provide the highest possible quality, maintaining tight cost.
  • Quality of facilities: A company of catering for school canteen or company has to maintain the facilities in perfect condition to get daily hundreds / thousands of meals. A deficiency materials or other (sanitary, health, etc) You can assume various damages, both schools and pupils of the same.


Definitely, A company of catering to properly cover these needs, surpassing industry standards, It will be a company that we can offer a competitive service that meets such an important need as feeding students in our school.

When hiring is poses a catering to the school center company, in favor of offering the best dishes daily in the dining room, the healthiest and highest quality possible, at the end the decision must be based on a complicated selection process.

Then, it may be interesting to know what the mistakes that under no circumstances must commit are choosing this catering for institutions.


Do not fall into the error

A) Yes, the main details to avoid are:

  1. Bet on catering that is closer. Undoubtedly, one of the most frequent when choosing a service like this is to take as a fundamental criterion of its proximity to the place that will hire errors. Its proximity does not determine that offers good service or to prepare quality dishes.
  2. Not contrast the experience. It is another very common mistake that people make when choosing a catering for institutions. And it can lead to trust a company that does not have enough experience to be able to successfully carry out the work entrusted. Because, must always confirm who knows the industry, it takes time to develop its work within it and that customers who had been quedados delighted with the service provided.
  3. Not know opinions about the company. Because hiring a catering without knowing what opinions above it can lead to trust one that has not convinced anyone or has many complaints and claims.
  4. Opt for the catering for cheaper communities. When a service of this type is chosen you will have to think, especially, that offers quality, using fresh and top products as well as to provide healthier menus, complete and balanced as it does Olmata.

Select a company based solely on its rates is a huge mistake that can lead to entrust the service to a firm to prepare dishes taste lousy, which they are only fat and not take into account the nutritional needs of those who will take.

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