Our summary of the week, NO-DO del 5 al 11 of January of 2019

This week we follow the course of today's hand Ibermutuamur, getting a new certification, and Vettonia, with the new legal changes in the environment security surveillance. We also know the innovative project TotalSafePack, while from CommSense advise us on how to deal with professional development. And in our #frentealespejo, Amil Lopez talks about health and nutrition.

Day 5

"Combination of food and meal schedule, keys to weight and health ', Amil López I #frentealespejo

Day 7

Ibermutuamur obtains the certificate Becqual, in its category 'Plus'

Day 8

TotalSafePack: sumiller for transporting the bottle crates

Day 9

New sentence given to security guards the legal protection of law enforcement officer

Day 10

CommSense points a reliable formula to address change

The central banks of the euro banknotes withdrawn 500:

Goodbye ticket 500 euros