Security guards

New sentence given to security guards the legal protection of law enforcement officer

Vettonia group echoes the news published on the website of the employer's private service companies security sector, Aproser, on a new ruling which grants security guards legal protection enforcement officer.

The Criminal Court number 4 Oviedo (Asturias) He issued last day 30 May 2018 a judgment condemning a man as the perpetrator of a crime of assault for assaulting a security guard.

That judgment condemned the culprit for this charge and sentenced to nine months in prison, with disqualification for the right to stand for election during the term of the sentence. And on the charge of misdemeanor injury, a fine worth two months, with a daily fee of eight euros, and payment of court costs.

Security guards

The incident occurred the day 20 May 2018, during the celebration of professional football meeting contesting Real Oviedo and Real Valladolid, when a security guard who was serving as such under the direction and coordination of the Forces of State Security, He asked a person to leave free passage area emergency exit. This guy refused, insulting and attacking the security guard. that police inquiries were referred to the judicial authorities were instructed.

During the trial the defense is now condemned distorted because the images recorded by security cameras stadium provided, being observed that given by the security guard version of the events.

Security guards

It is another ruling issued in Spain in granting the Security Guards legal protection enforcement officer. They serve such sentences recognition for the private security sector, specifically for security guards, for the important work performed in collaboration with public safety.

The Criminal Code defines the crime of attack saying they are the same authors who agredieren or, with severe intimidation or violence, Governors object serious resistance to authority, its agents or officials, or acometieren, when they find themselves in the exercise of their respective duties or in connection with them, and specifically to private security personnel, properly identified, develop private security activities in cooperation and under the command of the Security Forces.

Vettonia group

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  • Key holding and even text messages or emails closing and opening of the alarm

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