Labor untying, mismanaged in Spain

Since the summer break is, al menos según ElEconomista, el mejor momento del año para detenerse a reflexionar y buscar empleo, desde la consultoría de transformación profesional Lukkap Outplacement recomiendan a las empresas tener en cuenta las aspiraciones de los empleados, and facilitate labor detachment at the height of a Western economy.


Doing more time… If you must work in summer

We are looking forward to the summer to go on vacation, change of scenery and disconnect from work. But the latter is not always possible. When you professional life is linked to a small business, or you have a position of responsibility in a multinational, sometimes there who leave unfinished business, o puede […]


Olmata recommended to combat fatigue spring with food

We have here the spring and, soon, Time Change. So it is normal that some people notice tiredness and lack of energy. To combat this transient state, the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food Sciences (SEDCA) recalls the importance of following a healthy and balanced diet.

Epi-Care-3000 AR14-1

Healthcare Solutions AR-14: sensor epilepsy crisis

Among the various solutions offered tecnosanitarias AR-14 today highlight the bed with alarm sensor for monitoring Epi-Care seizure 3000: an innovative device of small dimensions that, unlike other market alternatives, It offers a high degree of sensitivity, lo que permite detectar no sólo los movimientos repetidos provocados […]


Outsourcing work tasks grew 3,8% in 2017

The optimistic economic climate and the increasing offshoring of jobs by companies and the public sector have enabled an upturn in demand for ancillary services to businesses in recent years, as it reflected in a study by the Sectorial Observatory DBK INFORMA, whereby the outsourcing or outsourcing of work tasks reached […]