«The filibrastos of the percutoria may also be news», by Jaime Rodriguez #frentealespejo

Would you like to appear in the media? It is easy to: think about your company news, write it properly, and make it reach journalists in an appropriate way. You'll see how next Saturday breakfast quietly on the terrace while you send to your entire list of contacts your cover of the Businessweek…

Yes, to do so - as I used to tell my grandfather - with the meticulousness with which "coitean" porcupines: with sumo tiento, as there is no more picajosa than journalists at the time of be kind influence on what should be written.

If you allow it to me - and you have a while waiting for that cover that is going to make immortal - I'm going to offer you a Decalogue of tips to understand you well with the media, If you decide to take you instead of hiring a good communication agency.

1- Although for you and yours the best company in the world is widow of honeyed Nemesio, and the filibrastos of the percutoria that you manufacture make the delights of bilbilis market, the Sun does not rotate around your company. So choose what you want to tell the press with tiento, at the same time you're objective.

«The media have a finite space and you're not the only one in your sector»

2- The media have a finite space to give news. It does not mean that only publish those of the companies of the Ibex-35, But if there is a minimum of relevant information in what you get. Above all because, Surely, you're not the only one in your sector.

3- When you get in front of the keyboard, do not write War and peace. A folio, well synthesizing the most relevant data of the news is more than enough: It is the interest of the journalist.

4- Send good images. It is not leaving you at all costs (in front of the facade of the company, in the office, etc), or otherwise (I know managers who have asked to be interviewed and do not appear in the photos). If the news is the quality of your filibrastos of the percutoria, its manufacture; If the export, freight containers…

5- Forget to include terms such as 'company number 1' or 'leader'. Although widow of honeyed Nemesio does. Leave to address find out the information professional.

«Get as good bikinis: hides the essential, but suggests generosity»

6- Figures - as you can well understand to read any newspaper 'salmon' - are welcome in the financial and business press. So nothing of spirited turnover figures and data by style. Get as good bikinis: hides the essential, but suggests with generosity…

7- Not ever resort to your sales manager, and even marketing expert. They want to appear the name of the company as a subject, verb and predicate of each phrase. Or worse: trying to extort some means where to get publicity to force him to take the news.

8- When it comes to ask a helper to be put to call journalists - it is not enough to send the press release: they receive all day between 50 Y 100 releases like yours-, ask him to do it with assertiveness and empathy: or demanding, or bothering.

9- He insists. Do you think that any SME that comes out in Expansion?, Dailymail, Actualidad Económica… succeeded to the first? It will be that no. If the first result is null, get as did your great-grandfather: it back to the same Doors… Yes, 15 days - minimum-.

10- Be prepared what will you say if a journalist calls for further information. Because it was what you wanted: It will interest you. Well, now once achieved not pifies it: spend it with you and not be lost between departments, and when you talk to the professional information… Now we'll talk about that another day.

By Jaime Rodriguez, managing partner of Comfix Star.