"If you're going to sign a franchise, question first », Francisco Gómez I #frentealespejo

Franchising is a formula that says business collaboration to ensure greater reliability when starting business. And it is probably true of renowned chains and with a track record of seriousness. But as in Spain there is no effective supervision of the authorities, which prevents anyone without liability exemptions granted on the future of business, no choice but to ensure self-employed.

And these are the 15 questions that can not fail to be chosen brands, not regret later:

1. What I propose is a franchise agreement or rather a mixed formula associated trade, as sucursalismo (Mark owns the local), concessionaire (He puts the label and little else) the central purchasing (the only relationship is a cheaper merchandise)?

2. Why knowhow (O know how) I'm paying exactly? That is to say, Do you have unique characteristics, as secret recipes or specific operating systems? What sets it apart from the competition?

3. Have you tested the concept of business establishments (more than one) own for a reasonable period of time, to prove it works?

"As in Spain there is no supervision of the authorities on franchising, no choice but to ensure "

4. How many operating units have closed or have been repurchased by the central or another entrepreneur? What reasons have motivated these closures?

5. Are you the business reflected in manuals sufficiently complete so that its application may meet at least business survival?

6. ¿Will arrange an exclusive area, where you can not set any other operating unit of teaching without my consent?

7. I count on a business plan adapted based on a study of real market in my area, counting the target audience, existing competition, etc?

8. What if I do not want to continue the business? Can I sell it or there is a clause in the contract providing for such transaction restrictions?

9. Am I obligated to purchase all the products from suppliers determined by the central, unable to negotiate improvements with better brands considered by consumers in my area?

10. I count on the help of the human resources department for selecting my template? Is there a job to provide me personally if I suffer unannounced low?

"Do they come the founders of the franchise prior experience, successful… or failed?»

11. What exactly uses the advertising fee collected each month? It should not be used in part to pay local advertising in my area of ​​influence?

12. Does the center of some sort of financial agreement with banks to support me when my business finance?

13. Do you belong to a known franchise brand (usually the main supplier of product or service marketed)? Is it from your management team from previous franchising experience, successful and failed?

14. What expansion plan has the mark? Because as you grow your notoriety open units, which is positive for each franchisee. What investment planned for this?

15. Can I have the full list of current franchisees, to call them and consult them freely if all you have been told is true?

Nor it is both: a serious franchisor could account for them in 10 minutes. However, one less serious could choke the third…

Francisco Gómez specializes in trade and franchising consultant, and founder of Iberetail.