"It's not work: It is the professional who plays it», José Luis López #frentealespejo

Caralin Group we are proud offer custom response to the needs of management of Concierge, reception and treatment of calls from our customers, through our specialized services of Ordinances and dispatchers, among others.

These auxiliary services complete a range of job profiles such as maintenance technicians, cleaning staff, receptionists, but also a long etcetera: experts in occupational hazards, translators, services of catering and organisation of events, integral maintenance of facilities, Detectives and private investigators, Logistics and transport, urban planning and landscaping, rental of drones, graphic arts, accommodation and design of Internet pages…

Such services well through our own template, either through strategic agreements with other members of our business platform, to guarantee our clients the professionalism of qualified teams.

«A long list of customers has almost a decade trusting Caralin Group»

So, It is no wonder that a long list of customers carry a decade relying on Caralin Group one of the key pieces of the daily activity of any organization: the management of these complementary services necessary for the proper functioning of your infrastructure: Security, cleaning, Logistics, administrative tasks…

And is that, in recent years, the facility management It has become increasingly unusual relevance within the business strategy: Spain moves on 50.000 million euros per year, and he doesn't grow in percentages that border the two digits.

For this reason it is essential that their management is efficient. And in this sense, having a single provider that offers all of these services under the same management, not only reduces economic costs but also of time: Let us not forget that one of the policies of passes most important cost reduction by the outsourcing of many services, providing that the company centre their efforts on strengthening and promoting their economic activity. Eye, and being able to achieve savings of up to the 30% in its statement of income…

«We are an active part in the saving of resources of our clients»

Caralin Group has Concierge division, Ordinances, telephonists and administrative assistants, acting as a single point of contact for all services. We adapt to the parameters required by our customers and we are an active part in the saving of resources. We take care of the measures of control and supervision necessary for a flawless result.

However, We know that our main value is our employees. Because although it is obvious say it, those teams make up the humans. Therefore we guide our activity to the management of people, promoting the maintenance of employment. And we work to ensure a favorable working environment that allows them to develop in a stable and close environment, fostering equal opportunities.

José Luis López, Caralin Group Deputy Director-general