"Either we protect our data, or assume the consequences ", Alberto Bravo #frentealespejo

Have you ever wondered how much data about yourself that swarm over the network? First name, age, sex, address, credit card numbers, ailments and diseases, I think… Today we live and hyperlinked, recorded in an application or web, We got our pictures to a social network or share our location; something that has become so routine and automatic for all as say good morning.

For all this, it is normal that the laws that protect customer data and users need to be updated and adapted to the current situation. The new European Data Protection Regulation has entered into force, although it will not be until next 25 May is absolutely essential when your comprehensive compliance.

It seems that in Spain things are going somewhat slower, and the new Organic Law on Data Protection moment is just a blueprint. That does not mean that is not going to implement the European Regulation despite the lateness of the Spanish law, so it is necessary that all companies are updated according to this regulation.

as entrepreneurs, We also collect and manage data every day our customers and suppliers. It is our responsibility to monitor and care for the treatment they receive such data, and the new regulation forces us to be more thorough and effective with them.

"As entrepreneurs, We collect and manage customer and supplier data: it is our responsibility to monitor and care use '

The owner of the data is now better protected than ever, and follow-up that makes the Data Protection Agency is more comprehensive. We must communicate data loss, collect only those strictly necessary, to ease the user to modify or delete your data, etc.

further, not adhere to the rules it has consequences, and they are much more severe than earlier. If the former LOPD the maximum penalty amounted to 600.000 euros, with the new regulations fines reach the not inconsiderable figure of 20 millions. Although we must clarify that for such a drubbing we should botch the same level as it has recently done the company of Mark Zukerberg

Not like others, commercial and advisers of Aliaga Group personally visit the facilities of our customers to evaluate in situ your needs. In the same way, monitoring we do is customized, Thanks to our method 3+3: three calls and three visits per year, that allow us to be aware and have updated compliance regarding the protection of customer data.

"Our rule 3+3, This is three calls and three visits per year, allow us to ensure that our customers protect their data '

Aliaga Group have a strong commitment to regulatory compliance. We are proud to say that we are specialists in this field. The implementation of the new regulation for our customers is a race against time to finish the 25 of May, but we are confident amply meet, not in vain the experience and professionalism of our consultants in our favor.

More than 200 companies already working in this field with Aliaga Group can testify to that.

Alberto Bravo is a specialist in data protection, and responsible Expansion Aliaga group.