"Sell Yes, but from the emotion ", Fernando Román #frentealespejo

As if there fate, or only by chance, life led me to the path of the commercial world.

I just chose the activity; the sector, the wine, I was lucky and found me.

At first, It was a race: to sell, sell and sell. with verbiage, I would say. impostados speeches, to the extent that all products were worth equally. And transmitting undue pressure; sale always ahead of the rest of the trading action.

I was good at. So, again, I was lucky.

Nevertheless, I was not entirely honest. Competition made me act putting the sales target ahead of the speech quality, of the style; In one word, Personality winegrower and winemaker made into wine.

"Competition made me prevail sale ahead of quality"

When the truth is that the world of wine brings us back to the reality of land connected with humanity.

I came the memory of my training (advertising the complu), communicate properly and tell their story: quality, origin, the style.

When the Vivanco family crossed my path, I was lucky again; in this case, good luck.

It made me think of the wine and its origin. And I've always maintained that it was a rather vulgar done, a consequence of crossing casualty. Imagine a person who, A few ago 8.000 years, He had a bunch of grapes ready to eat to quench your thirst or hunger. At that moment, Someone should call him hurriedly to carry out any task you forgot to make in due time. And our hero, not to irritate account that person, already upset, let the grapes in a bucket at hand, He is hoping to eat them later.

But that did not occur until several days or weeks later. And during that time, They began to ferment grapes, gradually turning sugars into alcohol, while the color of the wine was acquiring the tone of the skin, turning it into an alcoholic beverage with aromas of the original fruit, the grape, but with new.

I want to think that person, when she finally remembered her grapes, He ran desperate to strongly suspect that I could not eat them. And he found in the bucket an amalgam of liquid and skins, all lights indescribable, which over time would have put bad ... Bad?

"The wine brings us back to the reality of land connected to humanity"

Suddenly, in a fit of bravado that has made us happy almost all their human successors, He took that bucket with both hands, He closed his eyes and threw a good drink ... and not displease him at all: not in vain he had discovered wine.

And is that, I always think the most wonderful thing comes from the most mundane facts.

Already Vivanco, history and culture of wine made me reach the place I was looking for. So yes, Clear, I dedicate it to sell wine. But it is no longer an exercise opportunity, is emotion.

Fernando Roman is chief of the Central Zone Vivanco.