Ibermutuamur and the Stroke Association brake sensitized on cardio and cerebrovascular problems

Fruit of the collaboration agreement signed by Ibermutuamur and the Curbing Association Ictus last November, on the information day held in Valencia to promote action and healthy habits in the workplace the issues addressed cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and the possibilities that companies have analyzed to prevent them.

Ibermutuamur, mutual collaborating with Social Security, and the brake at Ictus Association in Valencia continue its campaign of outreach sessions across the country to raise awareness about diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, and the circumstances for consideration as labor.

Conferences and briefings

These seminars are aimed at collective Ibermutuamur protected and developed in the framework of the talks, conferences and meetings that mutual performed within the periodic plan approved by the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security.
After the presentation of the day, Luis Miguel Torres who made Moñino, regional director of Ibermutuamur in Valencia, Mutual experts, Prevention as coach Jesús Martínez Matarredona, the area manager of Professional Contingencies in Valencia, Carlos Alvarez Ricart, and clinical psychologist in the Department of Health Projects in Central Services, Catalina Carlos Romero, They developed the central part of the session.
After referring to model healthy work environments, set by the World Health Organization (WHO), both from the physical and psychosocial aspect, Matarredona Martinez recalled that the workplace is where adults spend a third of your life (half the time they are awake), so influence the adoption of healthy habits from work it means he explained a huge impact on the health of workers.

health measures

further, He analyzed the benefits businesses to the implementation of these healthy measures and detailed the contribution that this strategy develops Ibermutuamur, with programs and available lines according to the spheres of action set by the WHO, such as back school, Biomechanics Laboratory or Sleep Unit, not forgetting the workshops and information activities on stress management, Voice care, healthy eating or the 'Mindfulness' as improving the working environment, among others.

Meanwhile, Carlos Alvarez addressed the concept of vascular risk and its relation to the concept of working days, en tanto que Carlos Catalina expuso los elementos básicos que se deben saber sobre el ictus y la problemática concreta de esta enfermedad y sus consecuencias.
President of the Association of the Ictus Brake, Agredano July Lozano, It was in charge of closing the exhibition with a lecture entitled 'We all have a wrinkle in our Superman cape'.
This talk takes place in the framework of the campaign derived collaboration agreement signed late last November between the two entities to sensitize and raise awareness of this disease, and to report its rapid detection and performance and the correct way to prevent, In addition to promoting support to those affected by acquired brain injury. This agreement was signed at the time by Corrales Romeo Heraclio, CEO of Ibermutuamur, and Julio Lozano Agredano.

Curb stroke

Is scheduled sessions throughout this year will also develop in the cities of Alicante, Granada, Málaga, Sevilla, Valladolid and Oviedo.

Brake the Ictus is a non-profit organization created for the sole purpose of giving visibility and raise public awareness on how to prevent and act against a disease considered a public health problem, in addition to promoting those affected by acquired brain injury.
Ibermutuamur is a collaborating institution with nationwide Social Security, whose activity, under the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security, through the Ministry of Social Security, It consists in covering professional contingencies (industrial accidents and occupational diseases), including healthcare, rehabilitation, payment of the financial benefits arising from industrial accidents and occupational diseases, and improving working conditions and health companies, in addition to the management of temporary disability (low labor) by common contingency (no labor common illness and accident) and protection for cessation of activity of self-employed.
Nowadays, the entity has one hundred own centers distributed throughout the Spanish geography, is associated with more than 137.000 enterprises and protects more than 1,1 million workers. In Valencia, specific, Ibermutuamur assists over 39.000 workers and more than 5.100 Business.