Our summary of the week, NO-DO del 7 al 13 April 2018

This week, NO-DO in our special, we had the participation of several brands that also accompany us on our platform, as Gomel, Vettonia Security or CEMTRO Clinic. These are the latest developments.


Day 7

"What menu restoration prepares for the coming years?», Enrique Luque I #frentealespejo

Day 9

Dathos analyzes the mortgage market in recent 15 years in Spain

Day 10

Gomel: the best facilities for advertising sessions

Day 11

Vettonia Security participates in the 'Path of Murals' Talavera

Day 12

Clinic patients CEMTRO highlight the attention and professionalism of its staff

Sandra Garcia, director of Gaston and Daniela Pozuelo, We recommend reading this article, in which we discover the particular history of the brand decoration, which dates back to the nineteenth century.

▌Gastón and Daniela, the kings of the textile decoration