"The tontuna of diesel and electric utopia" (1 from 2), José Luis García #frentealespejo

Does the European Union and the Government advised you buy a diesel car? They cheated on you. Now they want you to buy an electric one? They'll swindle. I explain…

German Rudolf Diesel had ever imagined, hundred years after his tragic death possibly suicide because of his bancarrota- his invention would be so topical. The diesel engine, or compression, It has been used primarily to transport goods land, both industrial vehicles and rail and ocean freight throughout the twentieth century, and continues in full force today, except for the railroad.

In 1936, Mercedes-Benz introduced the first propulsion tourism gas diesel, which is termed as fuel. And no diesel, as we now call it bad oil, to mental chaos that had some users in the years 90. Nevertheless, Mercedes-Benz passenger cars not popular gas until the early 70, for use in public transport and for travelers. In the next decade this phenomenon spread to other European manufacturers.

The incorporation of the turbocharger was a milestone for they took off sales of diesel-powered cars, But the real revolution came in the early years 90. Volkswagen engine with re-invented the famous 'formula TDI': mid-displacement engines, turbocharged, with direct injection system and redesigned cylinder heads cameras, all governed by a modern and efficient electronic.

The result was cars with a maximum very high torque which is really what makes a car run more or less, not their maximalist power, which it made it comparable to gasoline engines of large displacement but with a consumption by 60% inferior.

"The eco-diesel were the world, and fututo immediate '

Just a couple of decades, for the EU and all its lobbies new diesel engines were the world's ecological, and certainly the immediate future. It is true that these engines were catalysed, had low CO emissions -in those times when they began to talk of global warming, and consumption as low saved a lot of oil.

Nevertheless, the EU had an interest in the European automotive industry was the world's most powerful, and dethrone the Americans and Asians slow (as this has happened). And along the way “they forgot” that this fuel produces high levels of nitrogen oxides (NOX), who they are responsible for these “berets” on European cities; “berets” that do not exist in American cities, because cars gas They are residual.

And now, when it has made with standard diesel cars Euro 6 no longer they emit these particles, after great environmental failure and unforgivable “I forget” EU retells us another lie. But this time the cube. I'll explain next Saturday.

Jose Luis Garcia is a veteran amateur motor racing, expert classic cars, and creator of the portal Recambioclá