AsesorizaT drives your business, a specialized external equipment

AsesorízaT is a professional platform, It composed of seven independent companies united in a common project: provide enterprises with an external service with the main tasks that help development: full management, software computer as, Marketing and Communication, Event organization, neurocoaching y mindfullness, creativity and social networks…

"By delegating these areas, and you outsource to an external specialist, It is achieved on the one hand a response and further work “tailored”, and other a cost reduction ', explains José Antonio Rubio, one of its promoters and spokesman, "So the contracting company manages to increase its profitability".

AsesorízaT philosophy is novel in the field of B2B services, porque va un paso más allá del simple outsourcing, seeking to offer a solution “measure” for the needs of each client.

"We do not offer a simple service package, but if we permite- advise you exactly what it is you need, and what areas, to improve results and reduce costs ", argues José Antonio Rubio.

Which companies make AsesorízaT?

He “alma” of AsesorízaT is José Antonio Rubio, responsible for grouping the various specialist companies that perform performing services: New Tandem Group, Grupo MOST, A2Colores, Vicky Lahiguera, Differentia Events, CE Consulting Coslada Y Comfix.

And its services range:

  • Business plans and commercial.
  • Development of IT solutions and mobile applications.
  • Event organization.
  • Neurocoaching and development services.
  • Communication and image.
  • tax services, labor and legal.
  • Human Resources.
  • Press Office.

For more than three decades, This led the PSM advertising agency expert, pioneer and reference at the time in regard to comprehensive loyalty marketing and customer retention, motivation of sales teams and quality programs B2B and B2C service.

"The idea of ​​bringing together both potential and its realization is based on my own experience, as both the advertiser and the external services manager ", said Jose Antonio Rubio.

AsesorízaT is a platform for senior specialists in each field, so the accumulated expertise is a plus. «In addition, we are able to meet almost any need for a business as a sole supplier, something appreciated when efficiency is sought. So are creativity, the productivity, he “custom work” and free consulting or “to success”».

A project that starts with momentum

Today it is early to talk about billing, at least as the platform. "We are in the implementation phase; without going further, officially launched the website a few weeks ago, although work on several projects. So far our goals are based on actions of arrival and success in attracting customers. Which today asks us work “little”, tomorrow may need us to a completely different project, de mayor calado».

de issued. to right: seated, Vicky Lahiguera, José Antonio Rubio, Ana Lopez; standing: Jaime Rodriguez, Mayte Viejo, Carlos perez, Raquel Martin and Jose Luis Briones.

as a group, the daily work for clients is developed in a decentralized manner in each of the seven companies comprising AsesorízaT. That is to say, to perform their usual activities in all aspects. And José Antonio Rubio is responsible for the overall organization of the group, raising the lines of action and managing the coordination of all parties.

"We focus on networking, since our origin comes from this activity, and this involves the use of a network of professional contacts very carefully, as well as attending events, collaboration with other brands…», He concludes the spokesman of this platform, which it has clients for working seven companies like Volvo, Direct line, Amadeus, Aliseda Via Célere, among others.

Puedes contactar con los expertos de AsesorízaT en su web o bien por phone I email.